July 15, 2012

(Most embarrassing yet flattering ) Thing you did for love.

What's the most embarrassing (most flattering) thing you ever (someone has ever) did for (to you) someone you love (like)???

I remember when I was 16 (it was valentines), when I arrived school, and as I enter the classroom, I saw something on my desk-a CARD and a flower (ROSE) sent from someone I rather not mention since he's living his life now :), I'm not sure if it was something special but it surely was flattering enough for me to blush and to say "ground! please swallow me, right now!"

Anyway, the reason I mentioned these (embarrassing and flattering) to you is because of this video that has been on facebook since last night,
taken at Ateneo de Cagayan University.
At first, I have no interest of watching this video thinking it was just some shitty crap, very common, the usual cheesy proposal "happy birthday/will you be my girlfriend" stunt made by some unknown guy in our city, but wait! when I hit the play button I was like..(gathering all my wits and..)
shit??? I know this guy!!! 
I was stunned, really!!! when I realize that the guy who actually pull this thing off is my cousin. I mean, c'mon? seriously??? If Joan did not tag me on this, I would probably just ignore this whole thing and will surely left me outdated! So, thank you Jo! ^_^
Hmm..I was thinking if anyone of you will ever dare to do this kind of thing for someone, if so..
How far would you go to pull this kind of thing and what could be your reasons of doing such? 

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