May 03, 2012

Quick Post

Oh! it's 1am already and I'm still awake. I don't know what to do. I wanted to watch Game of Thrones but I can't find it here, maybe my brother forgot to save it. hmp! I wanted to share what happened during the job fair, the interviews, their questions and my answers but I'm too sleepy already. I'm done visiting, reading, commenting and checking my emails..what's next?

Oh! question..

Did you watch The Avengers? ^_^

I watched it with friends yesterday but since Esthel and Chingee did not post yet the pics including the ones we took inside the, some other time maybe :D

Have a happy Thursday! ^_^


  1. Hope the job search is going well! I have not yet seen the avengers but have heard it's a great movie!

  2. havent seen avengers
    have a happy friday

  3. At one AM I consider sleep. I hope you enjoyed the movie :)

  4. I watched the Avengers Mai and I won't lie it was so damn awesome, one of the best movies I've watched in a long time. I hope you're well off to sleep at the time of writing, you'll have some serious insomnia on your hands if you aren't, haha!

  5. I finished season 1 of Game of Thrones yesterday and I saw The Raid in theaters last week. BOTH good stuff.

  6. The avengers was great!!! I'm also super tired!

  7. I'm going to watch it once my girlfriend gets back. :)

  8. aabangan ko na lang ang The Avengers sa Star Movies. ahaha. oh kay tagal pa -_-

  9. I hate when You cannot get to sleep.


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