August 15, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Call me maybe (not)..

Ladies and Gentlemen! Behold these people who gave you the most entertaining video ever in school :P

the lad and gent in SUPER BASS is now back feat. the most covered song/video in youtube (I guess?)-Call me maybe :)

Please enjoy the video..


wondering where I am for the past few days? well, I was kind of busy getting all the requirements needed for my employment. Yes guys! finally after so long. I got a job. This isn't how I imagine my life on a Wednesday morning (it totally screwed up my whole weekend plan) but I think it's a good thing, aye? :D will talk to you about it when I'm not in a hurry. As for now, I gotta go. My shift will start at 11a and it's almost 10 but I need to suit up! ^_^ kisses!!!

will get back to you if I can connect to some wireless wifi later :P

@Rhams and Kaye
guys! sorry! na cut ang video kai 3mins ra mu.convert ang converter namu :(( will fix it real soon. okay? :D enjoy!!! xx

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