July 27, 2011

Photos of Me (Mai Sanity)

Beware of Misconceptions: MERELY JUST4FUN

I seem to be bothered whenever someone call me "vain". In my mind, how can I? Is taking a lot of photos of yourself will classify you as one? lol. It's crazy right? But anyway, hell I care :) 
Taking photos of me, I believe, do not make me feel conceited like everyone else does. I don't feel pretty or beautiful at all whenever I took one. I just love taking pictures with myself and everyone else :) Know why? So I would know which angle I look bad or good. haha! (Practice makes perfect, right?) ^_^ 
So, here it goes..
 -few of my hundreds of pics taken. haha! Now, guess I might reconsider being vain..? or not? oh! no! haha!
Actually, the "Me" is just a part 1..so, I won't say much anymore because, I dunno what to write anyway. 
I will be posting maybe 3 of my friends for follow up post so you would realize it's not just me whose legally inclined with self photography! (what a term!) hehe
"Mai" Favorite Pictures ^___^
Notice something? 
Oh! that's me (white and black) using my friends mobile phone :) 
Close ups!

As the saying goes, beauty lies in eye of the beholder..♥♥♥

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