May 03, 2012

Pretty and Sassy

Hi once again! ^_^

Last Tuesday was one of the most fantastic day ever in the history because Chingee is back in town. yey! so happy. ^_^ She left school (transferred to another school that was across the ocean) a year ago and we haven't seen her since then. We kinda missed her-a lot. 

The Avengers was one of the most awaited movie of the year and I was just so glad I watched it with them :)

I will finally share our photos taken last Tuesday before and after watching The Avengers :D

 Oh! wait. there's the watermark :D

You know very well that bringing digital cameras and other gadgets like video cam and blah blah blah is a big No-No inside the cinema but look..O_O

Chingee and Esthel's first time in 3D
We sneaked out to take a few shots hoping the lady guard wouldn't noticed it but, unluckily, she did. She warned us but whatever, we already took enough :) so, that's okay. hehe!

The whole movie was awesome esp. Iron Man. gosh! He was so funny and very smart :)
Hulk at the later part of the movie made me laugh the hardest. ^_^

Quick Post

Oh! it's 1am already and I'm still awake. I don't know what to do. I wanted to watch Game of Thrones but I can't find it here, maybe my brother forgot to save it. hmp! I wanted to share what happened during the job fair, the interviews, their questions and my answers but I'm too sleepy already. I'm done visiting, reading, commenting and checking my emails..what's next?

Oh! question..

Did you watch The Avengers? ^_^

I watched it with friends yesterday but since Esthel and Chingee did not post yet the pics including the ones we took inside the, some other time maybe :D

Have a happy Thursday! ^_^

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