August 02, 2012


After 5 days of training I finally have hopefully more than a week of break before the product training starts. 

I made friends without knowing their names, how cool is that?

Yesterday we (trainees) went to bond  over a bottle of rum. We played truth or dare but mostly the "dare" part, e.g, name your crush in the group, kiss your crush on the cheek or hold his/her hand and the kind. We even had this part were you had to choose whether you'll drink or pick a talent (sing/dance) and I guess there were two who danced and one who did the singing part. And the last one was to share one secret to the group. I think that was the most  shocking, earth shattering and heartbreaking secrets I have ever heard in my entire life shared my someone I barely know

Anyway, if there was something interesting aside from those funny moments I had with my co-trainees, it would be the part where I failed my "English final exam" for the first time after so long. Hmm..I felt bad for myself and for my teachers who taught me since I was in grade school to college :( I realize I never learned anything :(

Hay. I hope everyone is doing great. Enjoy the rest of the day. Bloghopping now. xx

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