October 06, 2011


Another school activity to attend to today. So, I can't really chit chat for long :)

Hope this video will work for you..Oh! btw, if you wanna see the rest of the picture last Sunday..(just incase you're interested to see the rest, I got plenty of them actually. haha!), LEISURE, SPORTS and RECREATION

Super Bass by Esthel and Rhamedan..

Note: This is not a lip sync.

Sorry if I have to replace the background because my classmates are so noisy that I can't hear Esthel's and Rhams voice so I decided to replace the back ground music..^_^ 
I muted their audio because it was noisy and you can't hear them singing, really. That's why it turned out like a lip sync, but it's not actually..I'll try to post the original of this one tom. For now, I gotta sleep. I'm tired. I'll check your blog post guys tom after class  :)

Have fun! ^_^

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