September 29, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 26 (Something That Means A Lot To You)

In honor to my 100th post..I thank every one (followers, commenters, readers, and visitors) for all the support..yay! ^_^ NO GIVEAWAYS! haha! Gosh. Can't afford. haha I'm just a student and the thing that I can only afford is one piece of bread and a glass of iced tea. Besides, I guess thank you is quite more thoughtful to say..right? haha! C'mon, just agree with me on this one. ^_^But I will sing for you..^_^ I don't care if you'll find my voice annoying and really out of tune but whatever! this is me saying thank you, though, the title of the song has nothing to do with "thanking" thing..

Anyway, here's a video from me (singing with friends) <Whenever, Wherever> from Shakira. My winning song. Haha! Gotta tell you first, I'm not a good singer, not even close. So, my apology. haha! ^_^ but this is for everyone..Have fun! hahahaha! ^_^

God bless us always ^_^ 

Going back to my challenge..

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