July 25, 2011

Is he Mean or just really Stupid? (guys view?)

*Beware of Misconceptions*

I need a guy’s perspective on this one. Please help me out.Ü ^___^ thank you! ♥♥♥

This is a story about my friend who broke up with her boyfriend (for almost a year) for the second time around a couple of months ago. The first time they broke up was way back in high school. I'm not too sure about the issue, but I guess it has something to do with a third party (guy's side) and guess what?  History repeats itself as they say.

It's no longer my business, I know, but what to do?  Am I one of those fools who tried to fix their relationship or maybe the only one? I tried to convince my friend to give him a chance again and again and so she did.

Now, the thing is-the guy is still calling her..


He is still calling her as if nothing happened, as if they're cool. I mean, they are cool in the sense that they're mature enough to handle the break up. What's the use of each other avoiding anyway?  I agree that calling your ex's is okay. I do that all the time, for old time sake! But sharing something about your recent partner, your differences and how she's so cool and blah blah blah is a huge huge huge mistake! The worst thing is that, this guy would always tell my friend that his "gf/special someone" at the moment is so like her.."my gf/special someone, she's just so like you." c'mon!

Are you f*ckin' kidding me? If that's the case, why he break my friend's heart in the first place? And look for someone else who's just like her?

What confuses me more is the fact that he's calling her like really calling her; asking her password in fb, ask her to open his fb and read their conversation between him and his "gf/special someone", is it normal for a guy to do that? I mean, letting or asking your ex gf "you cheated on" to read and listen to your stories about your present one and their resemblance and all? I want to understand what could be his reasons of doing such. If it is intentional or just careless actions. Can't he realize how hard it is for his ex gf to listen to all those stupid stories about him and his girl? In nature, guys should understand that girls are never interested for their ex's girlfriends unless, she really wants to, besides, if she's interested, if she wanted to hear that she’d ask you for sure, but do not initiate! I tell you!!! I know guys you too don't wanna hear the same thing, right?

So here it goes, I wanna know your thoughts especially you guys about this situation. Why do you think he's doing those things to my friend? Do you think he's doing that on purpose or just purely unintentional?

Oh! One more thing, did I ever mentioned that my friend can't really ignore her ex because she thought, you know, what are friends are for if she won't listen to him. She’s not the one complaining, actually, it's me. lol  (disregard this one please. hehe)

Please? Help?

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