July 13, 2011

The Never Ending Happiness =))

-excuse my grammar-

These photos were taken after our Events Management class, before- Me, Esthel and Janine went to the gym, we decided to drop by at Greenwich (it's fast food chain) to take our snacks there with Rhamedan and Sharisse using there discount card..Presenting, the girl who can't resist to laugh..^_^
Anyway, before anything else, there isn't any story about this post, I really just wanna share to you my friend's crazy moments. ^_^
Esthel's one my favorite subjects when stealing shots around the campus or anywhere, you know why? because she love's it. She loves to smile and pose. So, following pics will be her shots I took while she's so busy laughing so hard, oops! this is with Janine anyway..take a look. ^__^

(L-R)  Esthel, Janine
I love this pic the most. They were laughing at something with this one, I'm not really sure what was that all about but they're actually looking at Sharisse and Rhamedan at this shot. I think Rham's taking their pics as well using his phone when I took this. 

I'm not sure what was Esthel was doing..covering her nose? oh! maybe she smells something fishy between Janine and the guy beside her-Ramon who actually was with his gf (Gladys) that time. 
Janine at the same time laughing at Esthel's thought. haha!

Esthel and Janine -unstoppable
I can really remember why Esthel was laughing so hard with this pics. I think it was because of Janine. haha..She finds Janine very heavy when Janine leaned on her while I said.."okay, smile" haha!
Still can't get over it.

Esthel's one of the most happy person in the class, you seldom see her frowning. I think these pics can prove you that. ^_^

These two are really unbelievable. They just can't stop laughing! really! haha! 

Even until the end..BOW! hahaha!

I will post the rest of the pics tomorrow, it's getting late already. char!
I hope you will find happiness after seeing these happy girls. ^_^
Let's all be happy and healthy! 

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