October 07, 2011

Since You've Been Gone

Got yah! haha!

My apology: Final exam week is now coming and I'm quite busy with stuffs that our instructors are giving us. Gosh! I hate it! Plus, the clearance! too many blah blah blah..T_T, so, I'm sorry if I can't give you any serious post :( 

I'll make it up. I swear. 

As for the time being, allow me to share my boredom moments with Janine, Casey and Esthel :)
This video series will run for about a week or less..

Boring. I know. But what can I do? I can't think of anything else to share :( Posting photos isn't that easy. I don't just randomly select the photos I share to you guys-that's the toughest one :(

but anyway..here's our first video..(crazy one) ^_^ -audio sucks. sorry about that =))

Oh! btw, regarding the previous post.."Super Bass", that's not a lip sync..^_^ I'll post the original video tom. ^_^

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