February 21, 2013

30 Minutes

When I was still a bum, I used to spend an hour or two thinking of something useful or more appropriate things to write/share, but now, I only got a few minutes to gather my thoughts and blog nonsense, (ahuh! like I don't blog nonsense before)-LOL. I mean really, I would usually spend my time thinking and thinking and now? it's sleeping and sleeping..but anyway, here we go..

I said in my previous post that I'm about to resign, right? but things changed, I'm still resigning though, it's just that, it might take a week or so..I don't know..

Anyway, hay..

I've been longing to share this photo when we had our Octoberfest..cutest outfit I ever wear in my entire life :p

just me and the background, lol.
Do I look weird? hehe..I haven't shared anything yet about work, love life and event since I started working aye? so, this would be the first :)
with Gale
Mac, Mai, Gale and Kurt
Aren't we cute? hehe. 
Oh, and uh..My boyfriend-Mac :)
and I will leave you with this blurry pic :)

-blog hopping now! ciao!

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