December 29, 2011

Love Story In A Bottle Of Liquor

Note: This isn't my love story :) You've read mine few months ago and I'm about to share the one's my friend whined about last Christmas eve.

Aiko is my classmate since the start of school. She's quiet and pretty. I didn't even know she's into "relationship" thingy. I really thought she's single since birth but alas! she's not. 

Last Christmas eve, Casey bought a bottle of Gin (750ml) and 3 bottles of Beer (jumbo) and 8 of them celebrated the Christmas after the exchanging gifts. Wondering where am I during that night? I'm all alone in the room with my melodramatic life, thinking of all the people in my city, my family and if you remember-John David Varian (My still missing friend). Out of those 8, only 6 of them (Aiko, Claire, Sharisse, Rhams, Casey, Jilla) really last till the end. I took a video of them unfortunately it was too large to upload and we don't have a converter right here :(

One vomited, one was speaking English until fallen asleep, one turns into color red (I think she has allergies in liquors), one was feeling okay, other can't walk straight and the last one ended up whining with her love story.
"Aiko's Frustrations with Love"
I was chatting with my friend Tess when I heard Aiko's voice yelling about something.."Why would he do that? Why acted so sweet to me if he didn't like me? Why do such a thing if he had no plans of courting me or anything? Why give me misconceptions about his actions if all along it meant nothing? Why say I love you and then forget about it? I was curious upon hearing those things. hmm. Who could that be? Aiko's been telling me stuff about this taken guy in school she likes who also "likes" her also and yet they can't do anything about it because the guy has a girlfriend but Aiko didn't know about it until maybe few months later. The guy was too scared to let her know that he has a gf because he didn't wanna lose her. Which is stupid, I guess. They're friends, they like each other but the guy didn't court her-Why?

Why? I mean, my question is. Why guys are so unpredictable? Why kiss a girl and then pretend like nothing happen? and then later on, court another girl and talk it out with you. Doesn't it sound stupid? Crazy? Annoying? Frustrating? Confusing? 

Why is it so hard for guys to admit they like or dislike someone? 


Tell me guys, did any of you did the same thing to Aiko? I mean, being sweet with someone today and sour in the following day? haha. What could be your reasons? Enlighten me :D

I know my writing came off confusing but I'm bored :( I still hope you understand a thing. (",)

Happy New Year =))

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