October 02, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 29 (Something In Your Fridge)

Hello Everyone ^_^

I am out today (usually, I don't go out on a Sunday but today I made an exemption).  I'm off to DAHILAYAN ADVENTURE PARK..I've been there late last year with Janine, her dad and her xbf and I'm telling you. The place is awesome O_O, check out our photo =))

Oh! well, well, well..tom is another day to look forward to. Why? Because it's the last day of our photo challenge..Ü Hooray! just another one more day =))

Back to our challenge..

I am a little hesitant to push through with this one. Why? because there's nothing inside our fridge :D We don't store foods really. But anyway, see for yourself :)

Let's open up the door for Janine's..

Foods and drinks of course. HAHA!

As simple as "foods and drinks" for Janine..

Check out ours ;-) 
Let's breakdown what's inside our fridge :)
  • eggs
  • spices (tomatoes, onions and garlic)
  • coffee
  • cereal pack
  • magic sarap (endorsement na to! hahaha!) 
    • one apple (that's my brother's)
    • lastly, bottles of water and two pitchers of water (again) hahaha! ^_^ 

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