September 10, 2011

Sunshine Award (My Second Blog Award)

The blogger who awarded me the "Sunshine Award"  is.

CutePrincess of It's A Girl Thing -thank you so much Princess :) I'm flattered and happy ^_^ I even posted it on Fb, right Tim and Linux and Life? ^_^

The rules for this award: 

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it. 

2. Answer the following questions.
  • Favourite Colour: Black, Blue
  • Favourite Animal: Cats and Dogs
  • Favourite Number: 3, 6, 9
  • Favourite Drink: Iced tea
  • Facebook or Twitter: facebook
  • Your passion: reading pocketbooks :)
  • Giving or getting presents: giving :) 
  • Favourite pattern: stripes (horizontal)
  • Favourite day: Saturday ^_^
  • Favourite flowers: not really into flowers. lol ^_^
3. Pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know..

Ladies and Gentlemen! ^_^ Presenting my...

..Fabulous bloggers ^_^

Note: first, I wanna apologize for posting the pics (your pics) here without your permission girls especially to Jos xx :)
second, to guys. lol. I don't wanna be punched on the face so that explains why I did not take the risk of putting your pics here. But if you like, if you don't mind..can I post your pics here also?

Joan of Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer
My Brother's Girlfriend 

Honey of Thoughts + Noodles

              The Ms. President (in one of our school org, yeah, she's my friend in person. Remember this post-Click to see more of YEN ^_^?

The Singer

Jos xx of My Pretty Pink Journal

The Fashionista 

the quirky 18 year old guy 

the cutie :)
the guess my age guy

the "word-of the-day" guy 

poke buddy 

the guy who wants to be awarded (by me) as the most annoying commenter 

Yeah, I made some changes here. ^_^ I put a very very brief description :) I hope you don't mind ^_^ 
-let me know if you hate it so I can remove it :)

Anyway, this post will be updated every now and then..I will have to convince Mark to post his pic here..Ü -----> And still he won't let me :( sorry guys..huhu! Mark said "NO" twice..ouch!

Yey! 3 more to go! ^_^

Please allow me to post your pic guys :D 

Photo Challenge Day 7 (A Picture Of Your Phone)

I'm currently using two phones. Nokia, which I bought last 2009 and a Samsung, which my mom bought for me as my pasalubong just last summer. Why two phones? It's because I have two networks; Smart and Globe. You may think that it's hassle and quite expensive for I have to buy load for my two Sim cards. It is not. I only buy load for my Globe sim which I often use to communicate with everyone. I only use my Smart sim to get calls or text messages from my smart user friends and will just reply them using my Globe Sim. :) I think it's a good way to still keep in touch and communicate with them (smart users). :) 

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