August 31, 2011

Wicked Sister (no more) Meets The Brother's X Wicked Girlfriend (wicked vs wicked)

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to my page! 

This is a sequel to this post: Wicked Sister Meets The Brother's Girlfriend. You met JOAN (my brother's girlfriend for the longest time). Now, you will get the chance to know the woman who broke my brother's heart into pieces. Okay! She's the wicked one because she broke my brother's heart! jk! (This will be the last time I will put my brother's history into this mess)..Ü
Long time ago, way way then. I was young, so young, so much younger than today. It was the summer of 2001 (if I'm not mistaken). My brother went home for the holy week. We're outside our house, chilling, and stuff. We talked a of lot things. Mostly, about schools, dreams and all. I was in high school and my brother was turning 3rd college. He lived with my grandparents in the city, while me and sisters are with my parents. He's my only brother and the eldest. Every time he comes home, we would just talk and talk and talk and catch up with what he's missing in our life. In the middle of our conversation, he just stopped and he asked me to listened to the radio. It was a hill song. Then, he told me, Dalyn likes to listen to this kind of music. Who the hell is Dalyn? I hissed. To make it short, Dalyn was his girlfriend or the girl he likes. I don't remember exactly. 

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