August 31, 2011

Wicked Sister (no more) Meets The Brother's X Wicked Girlfriend (wicked vs wicked)

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to my page! 

This is a sequel to this post: Wicked Sister Meets The Brother's Girlfriend. You met JOAN (my brother's girlfriend for the longest time). Now, you will get the chance to know the woman who broke my brother's heart into pieces. Okay! She's the wicked one because she broke my brother's heart! jk! (This will be the last time I will put my brother's history into this mess)..Ü
Long time ago, way way then. I was young, so young, so much younger than today. It was the summer of 2001 (if I'm not mistaken). My brother went home for the holy week. We're outside our house, chilling, and stuff. We talked a of lot things. Mostly, about schools, dreams and all. I was in high school and my brother was turning 3rd college. He lived with my grandparents in the city, while me and sisters are with my parents. He's my only brother and the eldest. Every time he comes home, we would just talk and talk and talk and catch up with what he's missing in our life. In the middle of our conversation, he just stopped and he asked me to listened to the radio. It was a hill song. Then, he told me, Dalyn likes to listen to this kind of music. Who the hell is Dalyn? I hissed. To make it short, Dalyn was his girlfriend or the girl he likes. I don't remember exactly. 
Oh Yeah! maybe that time, Dalyn was already his girlfriend because he asked me if I could write her, befriend her and all.  Stuff like that. So I did. Obviously, he wanted me and her to be this close-U&I (this close!) 
And so, time flies so quickly. I was on my last year in high school and I went to the city, took entrance exams in preparation for my college degree and I failed. great! But the thing is, I met Dalyn. She actually accompanied me the whole time I was there. I also met some of my brother's friends and all. Oh! so, it's true. She's nice. Too nice actually. Too friendly. Too simple. Too kind. Too honest. Too smiley. Too happy. Too much. 
Later on, I found out, she's leaving. She and her family left the city when I was on my first year in college. They migrated to Canada. That was 2003. I told my brother to break up with her. I mean, I like her, so much! I told my brother that long distance relationship will never last and that he'll end up brokenhearted. But he didn't care. He took the risk. I told him, he might lose their friendship if he'll get hurt.
Years passed, they're doing okay. They do emails, exchange letters and all. 
Suddenly, everything changed. He doesn't want me talking about Dalyn anymore. I was puzzled. I don't know what to do. He's been so unhappy. Irritable. Lifeless. Name it! My brother just changed. I couldn't help him. He won't let me. So, what I did was asked Dalyn what happen. So, there you go! they broke for the usual reason a bf and gf broke up. (wanna guess?)
My brother was brokenhearted for a while and the reason was Dalyn. I wanna hate her. But I can't. She was so good to me. She was trying to win back the friendship between her and my brother but my my brother won't let her. He's too hurt maybe. I don't know. Or maybe, he really can't get over her. He loves her too much. Maybe guys are really like that. They will tend to hate the girl for hurting them. Of course, right?! I know, Dalyn deserves to be hated by my brother. But I don't think I have to hate her too. We're friends, I'm not gonna give up on her just because she ruined her relationship with my brother. It's not fair. But I was really disappointed. But that's life. Some relationship just have to end. It has to end so it can build a stronger one with another person.

And then JOAN happened. My brother's finally over with Dalyn. Although he won't share much about JOAN and I don't know why. But still I'm happy. JOAN was the one who put back the pieces together Dalyn had left him. And now my brother is whole again. 

As for Dalyn, she's happily married now. I met her husband early this year and she's happy. We're still friends and we never lost in touch regardless of what had happened towards her and my brother. 
For others, she might be the wicked one but for me, she's wicked still (haha), she broke my brother's heart but if she didn't break it, my brother will never get the chance of meeting JOAN. aye?! So, I both love them. JOAN for loving brother and Dalyn for being my "ATE" (older sister) for the longest time. Let's not dwell on the past. Let's move forward. aye aye?! 

Let by gones, be by gones. 
Mai and Ate Dalyn ^_^
Taken last Feb when she came home after 8 years I guess? ..Ü

Okay. That's the love story of my brother's life. I'm crossing my fingers now. I hope he won't read this or I'll be damn dead! haha =P


  1. i don't know, mai. i think you might be obligated to pretend to hate her. you've got to stand in solidarity with your brother! i was a total douche to a girl who hurt my brother once.

  2. It's good that actually you can still be her friend, but just be careful with your brother about that. Though now he has JOAN as you always put it, he might be more comfortable talking about her. It's good though that he was able to get over it, and find himself someone new :) I'm still trying to do that -_-

  3. I fell for a girl who was my classmate in high school, but never had the gut to tell her. Then at the last year of high school, she went to the US with her family, my heart was broken. And now she already got a bf, fuck my life ...

  4. ganahan kaau ko ani na post mai.. haahahaah :D

  5. I agree that you should perhaps tread carefully around your brother. I mean, I remember when a relationship I was in broke down and my brother was amazing in breaking off all ties with her afterwards. It really made me feel better about myself and showed he had quite some awesome loyalty for me. It's still always sucky to lose a friend though so I don't think there's really a wrong answer to this situation

  6. hmm.. love story indeed. Love moves in a mysterious ways. At time we might not understand why it happened but sooner or later we will find out that its for the best.

  7. sometimes s#$t happens sorry for your brother

  8. Your brother has an interesting love life indeed.

  9. Intriguing premise:) Neat, quirky blog:)

  10. what a long and tangled web you've all weaved here!

  11. @Xander: I can't say I agree with that philosophy. Where are you basing that on?

    I'm surprised you kept in touch with the ex-gf of your brother! After they broke up I feel like there would be no link left between you.

  12. hehehe cute... love you , Mai.''

    i like this>>>"For others, she might be the wicked one but for me, she's wicked still (haha), she broke my brother's heart but if she didn't break it, my brother will never get the chance of meeting JOAN."

  13. Mai, merry Christmas din. Kagaganda naman ng nasa larawan. hihi

  14. hmm, nice story! so, dalyn and ur kuya breaking up is better then, why? because joan is prettier than dalyn a hundred times, lol! he'll never get a chance to met joan if he's still with dalyn, ryt! joan looks so nice also!

    ahh... that's life, it's not because dalyn and your brother did not work together, that doesn't mean you can't be a good friend. everything happens for a reason... she destined to be your friend and not your brother's girl!

    It's a GIRL Thing

  15. Lovely one!!! I esp. like this line "Oh! so, it's true. She's nice. Too nice actually. Too friendly. Too simple. Too kind. Too honest. Too smiley. Too happy. Too much. " :P You are creative. You can surely communicate your heart to your readers! Kudos to your writing :) Hats off! :)

  16. have you translate your page,mai??

  17. i don't know, but i don't think i would be enemies with this girl. after all she helped you, she was a good friend to you, and if things didn't go well between her and your brother well, it's not really anyone's business. one of the mottos i really love is "never a failure always a lesson," i think destiny can be really harsh with us sometimes, but that can turn into something positive. maybe your brother is better now with his new girlfriend.

    re your comment: yeah, i know how to make some DIY necklaces and stuff lol!

    jos xx


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