August 08, 2012

It's Official: I'm a PRANKSTER!!!

Hello guys! 

How are you? What makes you busy? Anything new? Any news? 

Well, last night, I had a blast with my friends (Janine and Kaye) playing a prankster to Kaye. Yes. You read it right. I played the "prankster" part and Kaye was the victim, but actually it wasn't really Kaye..

let me explain..

We met to have dinner..

we do this a lot, usually, one in two weeks or whenever Janine is free from her work :)

So here's what happened.

This was planned way back College. It was my idea and I dragged Janine into this and then yeah, obviously, Kaye too. The idea was, to dine in at this specific restaurant (who staff/crews will sing for free for anyone celebrating their birthdays and will give you a sort of cake or whatever). Get the picture? ^_^

It wasn't Kaye's birthday but we pretended it's hers so they will sing for her -for free. It was flawlessly done. Kaye was a born actress. She acted perfectly. Her surprised face was priceless. If only I was able to get her reaction but everything was done fast. The crews came out of nowhere and started singing happy birthday and me?I was totally unprepared. I panicked. I turned the camera on, put on video setting but it was too late. I missed her face already!!! sucks!!! 

You will get to see the rest though, 
They were so loud, aren't they? I almost lost my soul when they all started singing. I can barely hear my own voice. I was startled. Oh!  a few secs you will see an upside down video, sorry about that :)

Look what we have here..
isn't this cute? :)

So? How was our little joke? 

Was I so bad to pull that kind of stunt? I do feel bad playing trick with all those people but it feel so good at the same time :(

I sincerely do apologize to all the crews. You guys were just a victim of our silly (practical) joke :) It was fun fooling around though. It really was a one hell of a fun night ^_^ Oh Please! Don't get me wrong. That thing I did? It was part of my bucket list. ^_^ I know, I know! I'm stupid, playful and whatever you wanna call me. Again, I do feel bad about it but I'm not sorry. :P 

Let's all fall in love at this newly discovered cafe :)
What recently Kaye can't live without :)
You still love me, right??? :)

Oh! One last thing..tomorrow I will share to you the How to get a guy's attention in action (video), courtesy of Kaye ^_^

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