September 06, 2011


The title says it all. 

Note: I'm not supposed to post anything yet before my challenge end but whatever. can check it out here anyway PHOTO CHALLENGE w/ JANINE (I compiled it especially for you guys.)

This post is purely acknowledgments to these following:

Photo Challenge Day 3 (Something That You Collect)

While waiting for Janine to upload her photo, I'll start the 3rd Day Challenge with mine :)

This isn't much for a collection eh? But can't think of anything else to share. I used to collect stationery way back but I don't have it with me in the City. I left it in our province. But even so, I hope this one will do.
This is a PRESCRIPTO perfume. I've been using this for years already. Janine was the one who introduced this perfume to me. Nah. Wrong. I was curious what kind of perfume she's using and she showed it to me and I love it! The smell lasts for 24 hours. Really! (for me) LOL (sounds like an advertisement). But seriously, no kidding! It really is a good perfume. Trust me, LOL. I'm not really into perfume but this one is captivating. Char! There was even this one incident when I was in the jeepney (that was morning) and then there were like 5 guys who asked me, what perfume are you wearing..? there! I answered proudly! -PRESCRIPTO! And they asked, is that a unisex perfume? then, I answered, Idk. haha! Unfortunately, we can't buy it anywhere in the City. It's only available in Manila and gracious! Manila is like a thousand miles away from us. Good thing we're in Manila last April and I bought 3. Janine went to Manila last July and she bought me 2 and just last month my friend Matet bought me 2 and gave it to me as a post birthday gift..^_^ So, ever since I started buying this perfume I decided to collect and keep all its "wrapper/packaging" -the pouch. whatever you call it. 
As for Janine..check this out!

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