July 02, 2013

The Back Up Plan

It occurred to me once that this would happen, then it happened and it breaks me apart. I spent my savings and partly someone else's money for this. I can not be regretful. I have to look at the bright side of this situation. But anyway, the fact that I'm still enjoying being jobless aids the frustration I'm currently feeling. Hay, thank you blogger/s for filling me in.

Since I'm still confused on what topic to write, why not help me instead? Do you think "featuring" certain people could be of help? I mean, do you think it's an interesting topic or do I just have to continue the part where I left of? Remember my challenge? I still have plenty of those. Or maybe I should do both alternately, aye? What do you think. Oh! Men!

Anyway, what's up everyone? I'm so sorry for the long absence, I've been too caught up with my job that I can no longer find time to blog. Hooray for being jobless! ^_^ I missed a lot, I know, I am well aware of that now. I lost track of what's in and out in blogsphere. What a shame! But I am back for good, I swear I'll keep up :)

As of now I'm quite busy feeding up myself with tv series and movies-lots of it. HAHA! Anyone? Did you watch the most shocking, cliffhanger season finale of Game of Thrones? Omg. It was a disaster. It really was. Lots of characters has been removed in the series, though I've heard that one I guess is coming back-in a flash, with vengeance. Hay. I'm so excited for its come back, till then, I'll just try to enjoy myself with other films. Any recommendation? Anyone? :0

Oops, gotta go now..(",)

Till next time fellas! ^_^


I don't see why I titled it the back up plan. LOL

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