June 28, 2011


One of my most listened song of Silent Sanctuary.

Every time I heard this song, it makes me reminisce. Every lyrics of this song hits me like a thunderstorm. It seems that the songs is meant for me. haha! blah blah blah! It's a silly thought but, whatever. hehe! You know, I knew this guy once, he's sort of a friend? He just changed, like he doesn't know me at all. He used to be cool and sweet, crazy and fun, and everything. And now, I think we're done. haha
-It's so ironic. 

You like someone who doesn't like you and ignore those who does. haha! 

June 27, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine

-this is not a funny story- 

Whoa! It's the last (Monday) week of June 2011. 
Today is the day, supposedly, we have class at 2:30 in the afternoon, I even hurried myself to catch the class, (I am a late comer) and our instructor hated it. But guess what? I was surprised when I found out he's not there, no! he can't make it because he's in the hospital, for whatever reason, we don't know. But anyway, that's okay. It was actually cool, (not that he's in the hospital) but the "no class" thing. hehe

And so we decided to have ice cream yet we end up ordering coca cola floats for Esthel, Casey and Rhamedan, while Janine had her favorite sundae and fries (sour and cream) and I had melon floats. While eating, we discuss a lot of things, well, just stuffs, boys, relationships and more =))
Esthel shared something a little bit about her love life and Casey and I talked about marriage. haha! crazy! We talked about marriage and love life. haha! So much for the chismis, out attention were all diverted to Rhamedan's activity-watching "funny videos" on youtube. Esthel and Rhams laughed the hardest, that even I was tempt to laughed with them. And so the time has come for us to leave the place because we still have a class and that we already stayed there long enough. hehe

It was one fine day indeed! Glad we made it! ^_^


Sorry, can't think of anything else to write. I'll try later after school. Maybe then my friends can help me decide.Ü

June 26, 2011


Every time I watch korean dramas I can't help but day-dreaming. haha! It's stupid, I know. But it's me. That's why as much as possible I would avoid watching "ASIA NOVELAS" especially drama and love stories. But it's just the same I can't help it. I can't help wasting my time watching those and day dreaming, wishing I am the lead actress and I have handsome guys fighting over me. I really wish things are like in movie series, happens in real thing. But it's not. Reality sucks, it's cruel. In reality there's torment and hell. There is no fairy tale, fairy tales are perhaps for fairies and unfortunately I'm not. I am not like Sookie Stakehouse of TRUE BLOOD who is part fairy and part human and has Bill and Eric fighting over her. Nor Elena of VAMPIRE DIARIES who were loved by day walkers Stephan and Damon and I am no-like Bella of TWILIGHT who has a bloodsucker-Edward and hot like a sun-Jacob. I am just me, with no prince in shining armor..so I will just watch korean dramas and day dream. haha!

Who Am I?

1. Who am I?

-I am somebody's special someone. I believe that somewhere out there is destined to be with me who is also waiting for me for a while now.

2. Why I am here?

-I am here to be somebody's "star" to -grant that somebody's wish. I am here to enjoy life, make use of it and to make other people happy.

3. What is my purpose in Life?

-my purpose in life is simply to be happy. to learn and share it with others.

4. Where am I going?

-To my dream land. I still don't know where but I will find my way eventually.

5. When will I be happy/fulfilled?

-Actually, I am happy most of the time. And maybe I will be fulfilled if I crave of something or anything no more.

June 25, 2011

Happy Day!

I'm awake now!
It's Saturday morning and I have no class! I love it.
But what to do? I'm still sleepy? I had a dream..hmm? maybe in the future I will become a photographer because in my dream Mike Sia (one of the best photographer) was there. I was his apprentice. hahaha! it was so funny! I tried taking photos of everything and he's teaching  me..-for free! imagine that! hahaha! guess I was lucky in my dream huh? hehe..and also, it't his DSLR that I used, because I don't have one. hahah! Now, I guess I need to have my breakfast :)
see you later..

June 24, 2011


Today is Friday.
My class started at nine am and I was late (again), but when I arrived at the classroom, we're like less than 10 students only..I felt relieved to know that M'Saab did check yet the attendance :)
And so the discussion went on..
During  our second period subject, almost everyone was excited. We're scheduled to debate something about "Cognitive and Behavioral Training" something like, was it really necessary to use the two methods or one method is enough already? And we're tasked to defend on "one method" is enough. As for an opening of the debate, Casey stood up for her first statement (for our group)..
-later on, the debate somehow became a personal battle. LOL
and then, lunch time..
Neil, Blair, Janine, Jyan and Allison had lunch together, I saw RJ eating burger and he told me he changed his number then I gave him my number. Then everyone ordered for themselves.
Over lunch we talked about what happened earlier. (off the record)
Last period..
-I spent almost 3 hours waiting for the 4pm warning bell.
-It's Culinary Arts subject..I know it should be interesting, but not for me. Gosh! I fell asleep..I was really bored and tired and all. Sir Ryan was discussing a lots of stuff and all I did was to copy and half listening while napping :D

June 19, 2011


Papa's birthday and father's day celebration was a blast!
Yesterday, the whole family gathered together for once in a year celebration-father's day and 2-in-one birthday celebrations (bro and papa). 
It was definitely a blast! It was so nice of my aunt to even bother herself to prepare for everyone. Can't think of anything else to say..Family is always and will always be the best.Ü

June 18, 2011

My Brother's Birthday

Today it's my my brother's birthday..
Do you know what makes it special? It's special because mama and papa are here and they cooked food for everybody! cool huh?! hehe..
Also my sister with jojo and and her baby (Xin2x) came to celebrate with us. that's all. haha!

June 13, 2011

First Day Of Class-College

Today was my first day of school for my last two semesters in college..I SO LOVE IT!
-let's check it out what's new..
the moment I entered the gate, I was a little bit thrilled..I was excited to see the campus, the new tiled floors, new rooms and new faces of students but to my dismay, I never noticed anything new. the campus was still the same, oh! fine! the the floors and the stairs were all tiles already, but it didn't appear like it's new. duh! he class rooms were okay, it looks bright and so yellow. haha..new windows and not broken..(that's new). the faces?! well, I dunno, I've seen less for the day.

June 08, 2011

Summer Overdue.Ü

Today is the same day 11 weeks ago.I have the same routine: wake up late, take a bath, eat brunch, check my mails, facebook, chat, download movies and sleep after getting bored watching chick flicks.

No matter how hard it is for me to think of something else to do instead of those routine, I just couldn't think of anything else. Laziness became my new best friend for the whole summer of 2011.

As much as I would love to go out-window shopping and guy hunting, I can’t. The heat of the sun inside our house keeps me from going out. 
Though sometimes, of course, the inevitable, the libre session with Chickoi” never stops me from hiding.Ü

-and now, still can't overcome the laziness on summer overdue.Ü

June 05, 2011


Faye "Lang/Palang" Abecia-Waminal.

What about her? 

what's with her that pushed me to sit down and think of something to write?                               
ugh! it's killing me actually..
but anyway, since I started it already, there's one thing though..
She have been my friend ever since I was 5 or 6? 
we grew up together, went to school together..
had fun together and all.
She was the best..
She's one of the nicest person I have ever known.
She's smart.
a good student.
a good friend.
a good sister.
a good daughter.
a good person..
and looking back, it makes me smile..I miss her :)
and now..
I just wish her a happy birthday :)

June 04, 2011

test 2

just wondering..(",)

Summer is over..

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