April 05, 2012

I've Been UNFRIENDED and Been Blocking People On FB Lately!

Have you ever blocked someone on fb? 

deleted or unfriended someone perhaps on your friends list? If you did,

..mind telling me your reasons? 

Do you think you did the right thing? 

Does it make you feel better after all? 

Do you think you're being fair? 

How many people (as you can remember) did you block or unfriend/delete in fb?


I know I'm being childish. I've been feeling a little down lately and I swear it has nothing to do with me blocking or shutting people out in my fb account. I am not usually the "blocker" type. I even accepts friend requests even if I don't know the person thinking that the reason he/she adds me because he/she wants to know me. Also, as long as we do have friends in common, that's okay. 

I am not sure what to feel if someone will unfriend me on fb or worst, block me. Oh! Yeah, I was unfriended with someone I met almost a year now, we had a huge misunderstanding and then I later found out that he unfriended me, yet, instead of feeling bad about it, I felt the contrary, because I was really thinking of blocking him also but he just happen to did it first, which was  a good thing. Aye? No need to expound the details. It was a very bad experience :)
Oh no! My memory was wrong. I wast unfriended  with other 3 different guys (that makes the guy above the 4th one).  They were my friends. HAHA! but the funny thing was, when I asked them, they have no idea about it. So, it turned out, it wasn't them who really blocked and unfriended me, it was their gfs. LOL
This first quarter of the year, I already blocked 4 friends in my friends list. I can't believe it!
to think that the two of them were my closest friends, who just happened to be a guy. The other one was a no friend of mine, the last one was sort of a friend on line. 
  • The first guy I blocked on fb was a friend of mine. I mentioned my reason in this post. who still my friend in my other account. haha! but I deactivated my other account so, I don't need to block him again.
  • the second and the third are partners. details are not to be tackled for now.

He keeps sending me messages in Italian. I find it annoying since I don't speak nor understand Italian. but thanks to google :) At first he thought I was a poser. That I am guy pretending to be a girl and been using other's identity or something. I swear I got mad but eventually I kind of get his point, maybe he really just wanna make sure he's making friends with someone who really exist or true or something. But he's becoming really weird, he's talking about love, admiration or whatever, he's sending me videos and all. He's not obsess but the way I understand his messages, I think he likes me or I don't know. It was flattering at first and then later I find it annoying. He sends me messages non-stop and I hate it! So, I blocked him. And yesterday, someone sent me this.. 
ciao sono un parente di severino giovanni e lui voleva sapere il motivo per cui lui non ti ha più tra gli amici 
Can you believe it?!!! 
Yeah, I know. He must be wondering why in the hell he can't find me on fb but you know, I haven't answered any of his messages anymore, well, I did a few times, saying sorry and that I don't have time with him and that I don't think we have to talk since we can't understand each other because he doesn't speak English and I really don't like talking to him and stuff. At least with that I thought he'd get my point, that I really don't like talking to him anymore, but he's persistent, no matter how many times I told him in Italian that, he still doens't stop sending me messages, so I BLOCKED HIM. and yeah, I was thinking of blocking that someone (who claimed to be his relative) who sent me that message above. 

I just hope he will not make another account or pretend to be someone else to add me again because I really had enough of his dramas. I'm being mean but I'm really annoyed of his action. I can't take it anymore :(

Oh! what a tiring holy week. 

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