October 20, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reason 04 (I Don't Like The Guy Who Likes Me)

Pretty obvious reason, isn't it?

Did you know that I got some pretty weird admirers too? Just too bad I don't like them.

I remember someone asked me (he was my classmate)..

right button is not working? whatever. I will just shout it out to your face then!
Sorry, I replied..
You're a good friend but..
But why?..
Oh! I knew, you don't like me because I'm not good looking and all. Am I right? I know I'm right. Girls will never like someone like me, because I'm ugly and you wanted someone who's smart, good looking and rich. We'll see Mai, I will get you once I pass my board exam!

Geez. He's right. I've got standards of my own. I think everyone does, but he too have standards, don't you think? why would out of all the girls he knew, he'd chose me? because he find me pretty, cute or whatever. I'm into the range of his standards. Trust me, I tried so hard to give it a try but I couldn't. Besides, he's too nice for me but I just don't like him for some reasons that the guy I like doesn't like me. Those kind of things. 

It's ironic. 

We like someone who totally ignore us and ignore someone who's totally in to us. 

Gosh. I used to think that life is unfair but I guess I need to give that a second thought. That makes that situation fair enough.

Back to my topic.

Years after, that guy I was talking you about really did pass the board exam and tried to contact me right after then..This time, my answer is not so different from before, it's more straight forward than before though..
Yes. I don't like you. As simple as that. It doesn't matter how you look, (because I was once  crazy over someone who's really not that good looking) or how successful you are or whatever. It's just that I don't like you. That's it. 

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