December 12, 2011

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner (Mall of Asia): We Are All Alone This Christmas

Hello fellas! How are you all? I hope everything is doing great and all of you had a nice weekend :)

It's been 10 or 12 days already since I had my last post and I'm telling you, every time I wanted to write something, share something, I just couldn't find a time. I started my On the Job training already and that's one of the reason why I can't have all the time to sit down and type. For now, it's my day off and I'm telling you, I woke up early to share this with you.

This was taken almost two weeks ago when we had our bonding session at the Mall of Asia. It's an old (days) one, lol. I mean, as much as I wanna share to you the things around the place where I have my OJT, I can't because camera is not allowed there. oh! not that it's not allowed but they said that I have to secure first a permit or something to be able to take some shots and everything.

As you know, nine of us will be spending Christmas away from home but then we did is to get the best out of it instead of rambling something out of the situation :)

For now, allow me to share this one =)) My first ever experience with Santa! haha! I so love this one =))

See this one? it's us with Santa. It was our first ever experience and it was fun!

Crossing the bridge going to Bay Side of Mall of Asia :)
Christmas Tree :)
 Idle mode :)
Smile =)
I'm not sure what are this people but I call them Statue dancer..LOL
Oh I Love Sunset (",)
I haven't said much lately and I swear I will make it up to you the first chance I get after my On the Job Training. Wait, need to have my breakfast first (it's 8:50am). be right back.

And I'm back after 8mins. hehe!

Now I'm currently listening to this song "After All" and I dunno why. haha!

But as much as I wanna stay longer and chat chat chat, I can't. I'm going out to see someone for the first-crossed fingers :D

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