July 12, 2011

Culinary Arts (Indonesian Cuisine)

Last week we had this Indonesian Cuisine laboratory. We made two dishes, one was main dish and the other one was some sort of a dessert. Our group made this sauteed chicken with so many spices and herbs and all and guess what? we failed. haha! Our instructor said we did not follow the procedure very well that's why our chicken menu ended up really bad and what was left that you can taste was its spiciness only, nothing more, when it should be something tasteful and blah blah blah. 

But anyway, there's only one thing you really have to know when eating Indonesian Cuisine-it's SPICY! 
So, brace your self before eating such especially to those who love to eat and explore different cuisines. Anyway, here's the pictures taken during the laboratory. Let me introduce to you my classmates and friends. ^___^

*here's a pic of Janine, Aiko and Dawn Yvonne. They're from Casey's group and what they're preparing was the mixed fresh fruit salad.

Chef Ryan with Casey on the left and Neil on the right.

Casey was preparing some kind of fresh fruit salads (Indonesian style) of course. It was mixed of..I can't remember anymore. haha! 
Chef Ryan,(he's our Culinary Arts instructor)..he's really a good chef, I remembered he made us (last year) his original recipe, it was ground meat with mango and all..it was really yummy!!! He's also one of the nicest instructor in the school and very approachable, friendly and a happy person. :)
My Group mates ^_^
Blair and Neil preparing everything while I'm taking pictures. haha! 

These are my group mates, I forgot the name of our leader, she's the first from the left, and Princess, Shar2, Blair and Neil at the back. ^_^

This is Neil and Blair reading the recipe (when they're supposed to familiarized it in the first place, no cheating sana pero in the lab, this is not possible. haha)
They're preparing the spices needed for the sauté. 

"The other group"
-can you notice, no matter how busy they are they can still managed to paused and posed, and smile when they noticed me taking pictures of them? haha!

here we go, finally cooking the chicken with the burn spices. haha!

And that's it. that's the Indonesian Cuisine laboratory period. This Friday, we'll cook the Greek Cuisine. And guess what? we got the most expensive recipe, it's Shrimp Pasta with Cognac and something. ^_^ crossing my fingers this time. We're praying we can make through with it. ^__^ Good luck to us ^_^


Yesterday I was not able to check my emails due to some issues :( I came home late and was so tired so I decided to just drop off everything I planned for the rest of the night, even my report the next morning (today). Now, I have class at 9am and it's 7:47 in the morning here (Philippine time) but I'm having second thought of going to school because I know for sure that today will just another boring day for me, listen to some discussions, blah blah blah..ugh! But for what it's worth, I'll try to catch up. ^__^ 
Now, I need to go back to sleep first...^__^ I'm done here. ^__^ to everyone who followed me..thank you!!!
have great evening and good day!!!♥

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