October 03, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 30 (YOU-JANINE)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen ^_^

We are down to our last day of photo challenge. This last challenge is quite very personal since we will be talking (certainly) about ourselves here. So, as a respect. I decided to give this day (page) to Janine as she shares her last photo challenge with you guys. ^_^ I hope you don't mind? :D..oh! yesterday was a blast..will share the fun in time =))
JANINE says..
Hi there pips! I've been sharing photos with you these past few days and sadly this would be the last photo challenge. Happy to say that this is all about me. Nothing but me. :D 

Okay, first thing. I’m Janine April Navarro Neri. (in case you want to know my whole name).  I’m currently taking up BS HRM and I’m now in my forth year. WEE! Atlast! Uhm, I'm 21 years old and don’t forget my birthday which is every 23rd of April. Yes, I’m a Taurian. 

How I look?
Physically, I have a straight black hair, big brown eyes, fair complexion, skinny, and 5’3” tall. As you can see in my pictures, I just wear simple clothes. I’m fond of wearing pants, cute shirts, blouses, doll shoes, and flat sandals. I’m really not that kikay. I don’t even wear make-ups everyday.  I just wear accessories that will complete my usual outfits.  As much as I wanted to look “so lady” like wearing high-healed shoes, skirts, and dresses, I end up wearing ordinary clothes because I’m more comfortable with those.  When it comes to my hair, I just leave it down most of the time and tied it up or putting it in a pony tail sometimes. There, I’m just simple as that. :D

What I have
I only have enough of what I need to enjoy my life. I mean, I’m studying at a decent school, I have enough clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, I have enough money to buy things or foods I want, I have things that I don’t really need, I have my family with me, I have my friends, and I have good health.   I don’t have much, neither less. Just enough to be thankful and feel grateful in my life.
What I do?
Everyday is like a routine to me.  It’s really boring and “nakakasawa”. I go to school every weekdays. After school, I go home and do some household chores. (no choice but to do these things). During my spare time or usually every night, I am always in front of the laptop browsing on my favourite websites such as facebook, youtube, yahoo, and twitter or just watch movies and television programs. If there’s really nothing to do or whenever I am bored, I lay down on our couch or bed, read books or magazines until I will fall asleep. HAHA! See? What a simple, laid-back, and boring life I have!  :D

What people say about me..

Uhm,I really don’t know, oddly enough. But most people describe me as being quiet and nice. :D and they’re right.  I’m really a quiet type of person. I don’t talk that much. I’m more of the listener. I’m not used to share details about my life to others unless they would ask. So if you won’t ask, then you wouldn’t know anything about me. :D I really consider my life as private. HAHA! Uhm, and in that way, if someone’s asking about my life or anything about me, that just means that he/she is interested in me. :D Ganyan lang ka simple. 
I’m nice because I don’t know. It’s just me. Some says that people see you as weak if you're too nice and they treat you like crap and take advantage of you. But I never experience that. People are nice to me that iss why I’m also nice to them. Fair enough. But for those people who don’t like me then that’s their problem. I don’t mind. (I’m sure there are, we really can’t please everybody, ryt?) I’m just nice but I’m not that good.
What I like and dislike..

  • Waking up early in the morning.
  • Being sick or having colds.
  • When you finally fall asleep, and someone wakes you up just to ask something. My gosh! 
  • I don’t like veggies and Mayonnaise. 
  • I hate cockroaches. 
  • A Guy who has no ambition and lacks direction in life, thinks he’s the man, and knows nothing but kalokohan. 
  • Waiting for hours especially when that someone didn't even care to inform me through text, message, or call that he/she would be late.  
  • I really don’t like those people who are really trying their best just to get the attention of everyone. Mga papansin kumbaga. Ughh, they are so irritating. Also, insensitive people.
  • I don’t like crowd. I don’t like attending festivals or wat-so-ever especially the feeling of uncomfortable when I’m being too close to strangers who have not showered for two or three days. (MEAN I know, haha) Just like when I first witnessed the Sinulog festival in Cebu City. Grabe, siksikan! Anu ba yun?! 
  • Broken promises.
  • Confusion. Not being able to understand anything, even yourself and your own feelings

  • Babies and kids!
  • Traveling.
  • Cheese curls, chocolates, chuckie, coca cola, lasagna, mango ice cream, pizza and many more!! :D
  • Sleeping
  • Dining out with family and going out with friends.
  • Reading, movies, malling, shopping!
  • Christmas!
  • Being up late at night.
  • Listening to music.
  • Laughing!
  • When it’s raining when I’m at home.
  • Dogs and puppies
  • Cuddling/ being hug. HUGS!
  • The feeling when I received letters.
A guy who is taller than me, has a cute sense of humor, funny yet serious, has the average body- not buff, not skinny, who knows a lot of things- a street smart, sensible, has a good and distinct smell, decent and showers me attention. LOL. Hahaha!
The feeling when something happens more that what I’ve expected.

Who I love..
My family, of course. I feel secured when I’m with them. Both of my parents did pretty much everything for us, helped me with school work (when I’m in my elem and high school days), made sure i was fine, basically devoted their life to being sure me and my siblings were fine. I feel so happy when we dine out together because that’s only the time that we bond and talk about things.  I may not too expressive when it comes to showing my affection to them but really, I love them so much and I don’t want to see them hurt.

I also love my friends! They are one of the reasons why I’m enjoying my life now. They always make me happy and laugh whenever I’m with them.  There’s really no dull moments when they are around. Most of my friends are really opposite to my personality but still we get along well.  You see, they are random, crazy, funny, loud, rough, freaking wild and awesome! How amazing isn’t it? :D

Our dog! I love Jackie! 
Who love me?
Same, my family and friends of course.  And yeah, I love myself too! Love your own. Hahaha!  And God. I know and I believe that God loves me. Other than these, I don’t know if there’s still someone/ people out there who loves me. :D

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