May 19, 2012


I woke up pretty annoyed with my father today, he keeps calling me like 5 or 6am in the morning and I don't want to answer it until he called my sister, oh!!! my beauty rest!!! haha. I should have turned off my phone before I went to sleep last night because I know for sure he'd call me in the morning, he do that a lot. HAHA! Don't get me wrong, I just don't like waking up because someone is calling just to greet me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAHA! I'm weird. I know :)  But that's my father! what can I do? HAHA! They (mama and papa) just can't stop laughing when they realized I'm still sleepy when I answered the phone.  HAHA!

After the phone call, I went out to buy something for lunch (it's not my money, it's my brother's) cake and blah blah blah..

When I got home, I checked my fb again, oh. so many wall posts :) it really made me smile somehow. That's what I loved most during birthday, it floods with greetings! 

But one thing was very surprising..

Janine says.. Instead of giving you a letter written in a stationary or card ( baka kasi nagsasawa ka na) , I 've just thought of writing it in a different way and more creative. So here it is! I wrote you a letter using fun signs. :D I did had a lot of fun making this video. Though I look a little stupid here. haha. i hope you too will enjoy this little thing. Sorry I'm not an expert in making superb videos, you know that! so eto lang nakayanan ko. haha! Happy birthday! :D

I was smiling the whole time watching her with all those flashcards. I know she's embarrass but she really did managed to last till the end, how cool is that? :) 

She's funny, isn't she? :) funny, cute, cool and simply the best!!! ^_^

This is so far the best surprise ever :)

thank you biatch!!! ^_^ miss you too! ^_^

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