November 18, 2011

Falling In Love Is..

what I wanna do now =))

-fine! I was kidding! 

I've got nothing else to say today. I'm bored :( I've finished all the series, movies and pocketbooks stuck somewhere and now? I dunno what to do? I'm bored. really bored!!! haha!

Anyway, we watched Breaking Dawn with Janine and my cousin and two of her friends and it was undeniably boring :( I mean, maybe 3/4th of the whole story was. Actually, just exactly what I expected.  So, that's it. I'm really looking forward for the part 2.  I can't wait :D

I know you hated The Twilight Saga but C'mon..Jacob is so fuck*ing HOT!!!  ugh! 

that's it. 

My sister is currently watching the movie "P.S I LOVE YOU"  and  I kinda ruined the moment. She told me to shut up because I was being a total spoiler bitch! HAHA!!!

So, I gotta go..

Anyway, you might really wanna check out the "HOMELAND" series. it's really good..Ü I gotta borrow my friend's line here "it's a mind f*cking" series! haha


I love you all! 


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