November 18, 2011

Falling In Love Is..

what I wanna do now =))

-fine! I was kidding! 

I've got nothing else to say today. I'm bored :( I've finished all the series, movies and pocketbooks stuck somewhere and now? I dunno what to do? I'm bored. really bored!!! haha!

Anyway, we watched Breaking Dawn with Janine and my cousin and two of her friends and it was undeniably boring :( I mean, maybe 3/4th of the whole story was. Actually, just exactly what I expected.  So, that's it. I'm really looking forward for the part 2.  I can't wait :D

I know you hated The Twilight Saga but C'mon..Jacob is so fuck*ing HOT!!!  ugh! 

that's it. 

My sister is currently watching the movie "P.S I LOVE YOU"  and  I kinda ruined the moment. She told me to shut up because I was being a total spoiler bitch! HAHA!!!

So, I gotta go..

Anyway, you might really wanna check out the "HOMELAND" series. it's really good..Ü I gotta borrow my friend's line here "it's a mind f*cking" series! haha


I love you all! 



  1. Ugh, Breaking Dawn Mai, seriously? My mum's going to see that tonight and she's so excited for it, it's ridiculously embarrassing, haha! Sorry to hear you're away from home for Christmas, that's like an ultimate punishment over here, even university goers come back for Christmas! I think your new change is the chat box thing by the way, never saw it before!

  2. I'm not a Twilight fan.. but I want to watch the movie. I'm going to look for flaws.. haha! Kidding. :p

  3. Even as a non-fan I have to admit that the guy they got to play Jacob was hot.

  4. Falling in love is not good. You always get hurt.

  5. Urgh, Twilight. Well, hope you enjoy part two, at least...

  6. We love your blog is wonderful and will always be here reading all the news.
    We wish you a great weekend.
    Super Glorinha kisses.


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