April 09, 2012

There's Nothing Much To Say..

I've been sitting in front of the laptop for almost an hour now. I originally wanted to share how frustrated I am thinking about that person in my latest post. Yeah, I guess he read my post and I really felt bad about it. I mean, I know I shouldn't. But somehow, I felt bad for that person, but I don't feel sorry at all. I meant everything I said in my blog. I just didn't think he'd read it or whatever. I didn't mean to hurt him that's why instead of confronting him, I blogged it. But I guess it was a bad move. I should have just ignore him in the first place. Oh! I'm going crazy. 

Anyway, I just got back. I went out to meet two of my friends this afternoon-Matet and Rose. I had a 15minutes walk from our house to Rose's office (our meeting place). It was hot but it felt good. When I got there, I saw Rose talking to some of her clients discussing something about car issues and Matet arrived just a few seconds after. When Rose was finally done talking with her clients, we went to her office and waited until 5. We talked for a while, mostly about Rose's love life and Matet's soon to be "wedding". Fine, I'm out of the picture, I am not the marrying type so I have nothing to share about love life, instead, I shared about my travel obsession. hah!

When Rose dismissed herself from her work, she called her boss and asked if she could go home already, after one quick phone call, plan changed, instead of going to Rose's place, we went to see her boss and her boss treat us for dinner. How cool! haha. Alright. after dinner, her boss sends us to our different destinations, Matet to meet her other friend and me-home. Matet wanted to see Rose driving so she asked her if she could drive, good thing her boss allowed her, but actually, it wasn't that bad at all since Rose wasn't really a bad driver. I was even envious of her. I really wish I know how to drive. haha. So all I did was to admire her. haha. So that's it. 

After parting ways, on the way home, I realized I miss Matet already. Yes. The reason we met today is that, to say our last goodbye to Matet, to give her a kiss and a hug before she'll leave the country in two days. Things are starting to change after graduation yet I don't feel the same. Haha. Matet is leaving the country to marry the man he loves in two months time. Whoa. engagements are indeed everywhere! 

that's all. thank you. haha! 

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