August 12, 2011


Note: I'm not brokenhearted ha! ^___^

Title is kinda weird, isn't it? 

Today is the day. 

We have been saving and waiting for this day to come. 

Carnival day! 

Whoa. Last week, the group "decided" (borrowing the line from my classmate in Culinary Arts) that Friday next week (that's today), after our class, we will go to Carnival to ride some rides (whatever you call it) that are only available a month or two before St. Augustine's fiesta. As planned, we were there. But the thing is, my classmates (some of them), since we got off from our "class" earlier than than the usual, do not want to enter yet the Carnival as early as 5pm. Imagine that? I don't know why. They said, it's too early pa! "let's go in later when it's dark already (because they wanted to see the light)..LOL" -okay fine! whatever! 

And so, we instead went to the mall to have our snack. After we're done with our snack, gosh! still, it's not yet dark..

what to do? 

how are we gonna kill our time?

I'm tired already :( 

I wanna sit down, but where? think think think..someone then suggested (I think it was Rhams idea, seconded by Janine and Esthel), let's go up to WOF (world's of fun) and kill our time by singing. Singing? (I hesitated), lol. We're too many to be in one room using one mic. creepy! then I remembered, whoa. I know now why someone suggested a karaoke and who. It's Esthel! she actually suggested this morning we'll have karaoke today because she's brokenhearted. haha! And for what it's worth, she finally got what she wants. She bought tokens (and chose to sing outside and not in the room) and sang 3 songs (I don't wanna be your friend, No ordinary love, Can't fight the moonlight) to express what she's feeling. It's her way of getting over her so-called heartaches :D -TO SING! haha! of course, we just let her do her thing and took this video (I chose only two out of the three-No ordinary love and Can't fight the moonlight because the first one, it was kinda sad! haha! looks like she wanted to cry already). ROFL

here it is..(No Ordinary Love -cover) -LOL-
in this video also, you can see how freaks are my classmates are when it comes to camera. see? they can't stop it!

..and of course, it will be a miracle for us if we don't take pics. so, here are some..

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