November 09, 2011

My facebook Timelines :)

Whoa! the only reason I like fb timeline is it's cover =))

It's cute! ^_^

look here!

my friend "Chix" made this for me =)

..Anyway, this afternoon, lots and lots of drinks was put into waste. Gosh! we're like almost 30, or maybe just 24-27 students who mixed 5 cocktails each. I remember I made: tequila sunrise, screwdriver, vodka tonic, Gin tonic and black Russian and just after presenting it, poof! we poured it out into the sink..oh!!! what a waste..but, nobody wants to drink it, esp. me, I hate the smell of alcohol =))

that's it. ^_^


Saturday will be our last assessment exam-Bartending. I hope we all pass so we can have our OJT already :( lots of time has been wasted because this NC2. 

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