March 07, 2012


You know what we did yesterday? :D

Swimming! ^_^
Two years back.

We (my circle of friends) went to this resort that is around 20 minutes (more or less) away from the city. We were 6 then. Everyone in the circle were still studying, all were in sophomores.

Ailyn and Matet graduated first since they enrolled only associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management, then followed my Rhel (last year) and now Janine and I are graduating while Grace will probably graduate next March, year is tentative though. LOLS.

Yesterday, we visited the place again, this time, it's a minus one. It was a last minute invitation from Grace and Rhel (who arrived first in the resort). Matet couldn't make it because she just arrived to her workplace and punched-in her time already. So, she can't escape. Me and Janine were in the middle of "signing our clearance and graduation application" and was with classmates "window shopping" in the mall was having second thought of following them (Grace and Rhel), we're thinking of ditching the invitation but it's too tempting. Plus, when I called Ailyn and asked if she's going, (who by the way was nearby-in the bank to run some errands) she said yes and skipped her work to meet us in the mall and we bought swim wears. haha. just those cheaper ones, and later turned out that the shorts she (Ailyn) bought was too small for her and when she really pulled the shorts up to fit her, it tore apart. hahaha!

but anyway, 

What I really want to share to you is that, somethings just never change, aye?

Try to check if you can see some differences with these people on the photos after 2 years?

Well, except for Janine, I think the rest stay the same :D Physically :D
match the images and see who changed a lot.
 Last time, it was Matet and I who did not join the girls in the pool. Yesterday, it was Rhel. 
Haha. So much for the guts huh? :D

Well, the only reason I share this on blog because there's no chance that I will upload this pics on fb.

Why? I guess you know why. HAHA!

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