June 06, 2012

Got Hired and Drop It!

It was never a secret of you my dear bloggers that I've been actively looking for a job. I went to several interviews, one exam and I was not even informed if I passed or failed the exam. How UN-cool is that? Everyone in my batch (who took the exam) got their results and I did not? I texted the HR and yet they just ignore me :( Gosh.

Anyway, finally after few tries of interview, I got lucky. It's a job (I'm sure I am overqualified but because I'm desperate and I really wanted to buy my little sister a smart phone, so at least she's not outdated) in Kuwait. It pays not very good for a job abroad but just because I wanted to go far far away so I really want to grab the chance but everyone is telling me not to go :( and I decided not to! No regrets. It just that, it feels so bad to be jobless again :( Hay. I'm going crazy!!! :((

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone for sharing some of your thoughts with my previous challenge.


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