July 26, 2011

Keeping Our*freakin*selves Busy

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*
Hello Dear Professors, Instructors, Teachers and Tutors :)
Did anyone of you ever wonder what they're doing (students) during long hour classes? hmm..let's see..^__^

Oops! Guess who's texting?
Apparently, they're missing their boyfriends! haha (kiddin) Anyway, this is inevitable . No matter how many times our Instructors reminds us not to text nor use mobile phones inside the classrooms, trust me! nobody listens. (*wink) 
See what others are doing while our Instructor was discussing..
Oh my! the first photo was actually taken before the discussion, so, not counted. Let's see the second one, that's Nereen, but that wasn't with Chef's Ryan's class. I think I took that yesterday at our event's class :) -My bad! sorry :D
On the left (bottom), that's Chef Ryan and on the right (bottom) that's Mae Claire. Do you know what she's doing? studying! haha! hmm..why don't you take a guess? :D 
pang-award winning ni ang duha ka girls :D
Whoa! we should really make these two a role model, don't you think so? They're very serious in listening. haha! oh no! let me correct that-copying I mean. That's Dawn and Aiko.
The Miscellaneous :) these are the girls from my class :) 
(L-R) Jilla, Sharisse and Mae Claire. On the top is Dawn Yvonne ^_^ and once again Sharisse :)
They're just some of those girls who can't resist the flash of the camera :D oh! for the love of smiling..^_^

Surely I will miss these girls as we are going to bid goodbye anytime soon =(( But of course, before that, making memories so we can have something to look back to when the time comes is my top priority. ^__^

So I'm making history..^_^ 

Oh! by the way, while they're doing those stuff, I took these photos. hehe. Of course, I did copy what's written on the board (I'm a good student, remember?). Though sometimes, I need to be keen and you know focus but there's nothing wrong with-chilling right? (*wink) Ciao then! 
Enjoy ^_^

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