September 30, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 27 (Something You’re Currently Borrowing From Someone)

 My Sister’s Girbaud Bag. 
My gosh. I fell inlove with this bag and wanted to own this. I've considered to buy one for my own but when I went to the store where she bought this, “it was out of stock”. I was so disappointed. I was even ready to spend my savings for this expensive bag. Whoa! SAYANG! So now, I’m just waiting for the chance/ time that she would’nt use this or beg/ask her if I can borrow this. Again, I’m just so lucky that I have a “not-so-good” sister who lets me borrow her things. HAHA.
Yes. An Ipod. Lol. I'm currently borrowing this from my father. Omg! ^_^ It took me a while before I convinced him to let me have it (just for a while also)..^_^ My only companion when I'm bored and when I'm alone :)

@Lord Phrozen: Chingee in Baby Boy ^_^

September 29, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 26 (Something That Means A Lot To You)

In honor to my 100th post..I thank every one (followers, commenters, readers, and visitors) for all the support..yay! ^_^ NO GIVEAWAYS! haha! Gosh. Can't afford. haha I'm just a student and the thing that I can only afford is one piece of bread and a glass of iced tea. Besides, I guess thank you is quite more thoughtful to say..right? haha! C'mon, just agree with me on this one. ^_^But I will sing for you..^_^ I don't care if you'll find my voice annoying and really out of tune but whatever! this is me saying thank you, though, the title of the song has nothing to do with "thanking" thing..

Anyway, here's a video from me (singing with friends) <Whenever, Wherever> from Shakira. My winning song. Haha! Gotta tell you first, I'm not a good singer, not even close. So, my apology. haha! ^_^ but this is for everyone..Have fun! hahahaha! ^_^

God bless us always ^_^ 

Going back to my challenge..

September 28, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 25 (A Souvenir From A Vacation)

Finally! Dexter Morgan ^_^ my favorite serial killer ^_^ is back..Ü The first episode of season 6 was quite funny and a little exciting. Whoa. I'm so excited to know more about that very interesting killer or should I say killers? whose pattern is way too impressive compared to Dexter's and Trinity. I was astonished to see snakes coming out from that fruit vendor's dead body. Anyway, moving on..

I love this post. ^_^ I chose not to present the list of items I bought (for souvenirs) during our trip in Cebu, Manila, Bohol and Davao because there I wanted to show off these lovely souvenirs given to me by Janine and John Paul that I really really love and I wish to wear them someday..^_^


Tshirts from Davao and Cebu and key chains as pasalubongs and which I keep for souvenirs. :D

Yes. Scarfs. ^_^ The black one was given to me by Janine when she went to Baguio last July I guess? ^_^The pink one was given to me by John Paul, he bought it when he went to Thailand. I can't remember when..I think it was last summer? I'm not sure. ^_^
While taking those, my niece was too persistent to be in the picture. ^_^

Every time I watch this video (my favorite video actually), it always brings back the memories I had with them..T_T 
@Lord Phrozen: here's another video from Chingee ^_^ have fun!


September 27, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 24 (Something You Shouldn't Have Bought, But Did Anyways)


My school shoes.
Before I bought this, I already had the feeling that this might only hurt my feet. Hell yeah, this pair of school shoes is really painful. The reason why I only wore this twice and bought another one. I'm keeping this shoes for I might still use this sometimes. :D

Mai's favorite Shoes (no more)^_^

Wondering why this is my pick?
First, you might wanna check it out when did I use this one..This is the shoes I wore during our Acquaintance and Here..^_^
I chose this one because like in the title, I shouldn't have bought this in the first place. Why? Because I know that after that event (Acquaintance), I can never wear this again..(I don't like wearing shoes) hehe..But anyway, I fell in love with this shoes that very moment I laid my eyes on them..T_T, so despite of the hesitations and all. I bought it with eyes closed. LOL ^_^


September 26, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 23 (A Book You have Been Reading)

7 days to go before I kiss my challenge goodbye ^_^
oh! btw, Matthew of Yeamiewaffles is doing this challenge too ^_^ kinda excited for him..^_^

Going back..
I've already read the two books of Bob- ong - ABNKKBSNPLAKO and Stainless Longganisa but I'm reading these over again if I have nothing to do. I so love the books because it's base on reality and I love the writing style of the author. :D I've read the book "The purpose Driven Life" but I haven't finsihed it yet. Really, very inspring and it takes you on a journey of how to discover your life's purpose. :D
 List of the books I read over and over again..

  • The Secret
  • Pocket Books (Precious Heart Romances)
  • Who Moved My Cheese 
  • Boy Meets Girl
Actually, there are two that I forgot to mention and it's not in the pics also because my cousin borrowed it a few months ago. The books are; Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and I kissed Dating Goodbye. Ü I read The Twilight also, Tuesday's with Morrie and Nicholas Sparks novels. lol ^_^

As requested :) Another video of Chingee/Chai ^_^ part 2 

September 25, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 22 (Something Sweet)

Two more NC2 exams to go and we're done ^_^ 

and? 8 more challenges ---> check the list here <----  and I'm back to normal ..though, another photo challenge is being proposed..(photo's with strangers) I'm still thinking about it. ^_^

Anyway, check it out my yesterday and take a look at our Divisoria Night Cafe..((Divisoria Night Café and Night Market, set up every Friday and Saturday nights. Divisoria streets is closed to traffic and fills with delicious food stalls and cheap pitchers of beer, and most importantly thousands of people shop and enjoying a cheap night out. Haggle over a pair of imitation Adidas then relax at a plastic table with a huge piece of grilled tuna and beer with ice cubes and watch the crowd go by)..

Going back to my challenge..^_^

Whoa. Originally, I wanted to post a picture of a guy from the past who's really sweet to me but he's, instead, I stick to the post-something and not someone. lol ^_^ and btw, there's another video attachment also and once again, I hope you don't mind. But before's..Something


One of my favorites- Stripes chocolate Chip Cookies and Kisses. Yummy! :D


  • CurlyTops 
  • Cloud9
  • Knick Knacks
My sister bought these days ago :), my favorites! ^_^
Let me introduce to you my group mates (in feasibility studies last year). The one and only guy, Nikki. There's Janine also, and I believe you met Ching/Chai from my previous challenge. And the one wearing glasses is Mona, and there's Sharisse (the one holding the pencil and lastly, there's Yen of Thought and Noodles..^_^ I bet you will never understand anything in the audio ^_^ but still, have fun..part 2 is tomorrow :) If you have questions, please feel free to leave a message and I will surely attend to it :)

National Certification Exam Batch 1 (Front Office Assessment) -edited-

I think I wanna fall..

-ASLEEP. ^_^

Yeah. Today is the day..(I'm missing Dexter)..^_^

As I wait for the show Nikita S02E01 to be downloaded (fully), I decided to share my day with you. (because I miss sharing my day to day activity) ^_^

I started my day earlier than the usual. I woke up 6am and at past 7 I left home without taking my breakfast because I was so damn worried I might be late for  the National Certification exam in Front Office Procedure-for what it's worth, I was not. ^_^

The exam (demonstration) started with me, great! wanna know why? because I was the first one who filled up that paper (sort of a list). I acted as the front officer (it's a telephone conversation btw) receiving a phone call from a guest who wanted to have a reservation and blah blah blah..

Don't really wanna talk about it because for sure I will just bore you. Instead, here's the pic (I took from my friends phone-sneaking) ..^_^

From our function room (school) to Jollibee and Divisoria (Night Cafe)

Discussing about Neil's problem and Night Auditing

Janine was signing all the documents needed for the certification while Jyan covering his face, Jilla and Elmo @ the upper right and Rhams and Neil at the bottom
This is after announcing the passer..leaving school..
Noynoy, Janine and Esthel..^_^
Still on the way to Jollibee Lourdes to grab a bite..
while taking orders and while waiting
this's while eating ^_^ (so hungry already)
Casey's stolen shots!
Random pics with Cherry, Esthel, and school officer ^_^
Sharisse and Mona with Love ^_^

After eating, the others went home, Janine, Princess, Esthel and myself decided to take a walk around Divisoria Night Cafe (Divisoria Night Café and Night Market, set up every Friday and Saturday nights. Divisoria streets is closed to traffic and fills with delicious food stalls and cheap pitchers of beer, and most importantly thousands of people shop and enjoying a cheap night out. Haggle over a pair of imitation Adidas then relax at a plastic table with a huge piece of grilled tuna and beer with ice cubes and watch the crowd go by).


P.S We pass the NC2 btw :))

September 24, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 21 (Something From Your Bathroom)

This one is boring :( but anyway..just a little entertainment, I included a video clip of my friend during our video k session..this isn't very entertaining either but I still hope (crossing my finger) you'll smile a little. hahaha! (I'm stupid, I know. hahaha)


 Hot and Cold shower. :D With this, I don't have to be afraid of taking a bath in a cold water during cold mornings or evenings. Great. :)))))


Haha! It's been inside the bathroom for months now. Nobody use this. Well, I do sometimes when I feel so tired and I wanna relax my feet :D It's menthol and the smell is good :D It soothes my discomfort. lol


September 23, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 20 (A Picture And A Letter/s)

These letters are from my two bestfriends. I received these letters last February and was really surprised and was touched of what they've written. We've been writing letters to each other when we're still in High School. We get to see each other and talk everyday at school but still, we write letters to share "something". You see, we're busy at school and sometimes we don't have enough vacant time to have these "deep talks" that's why we're writing letters. :D Anyway, they sent these letters for my birthday last April 2010 but was able to receive these after 1 year. Funny! HAHA. It's because Kris, the one who mailed this through a snail mail had the wrong address. Good thing these were sent back to her and decided to send this through express delivery, LBC.
Can you still see the pictures?  or is it too small?  lol 
These letters are from my friends in high school and college. There are letters also from my cousins and some are from my friends in the convent 
Oh!  see that guy in the picture? I think he's my chat mate or whatever because I can't remember him but he sent me a Valentines card with "I love you" hahahaha! I was laughing so hard when I saw it today. lol Gosh! this was so long ago (during my teens)..I love these letters ^_^ I love writing letters. It makes me feel connected with the other person on the other end of the line..besides, I'm a keeper you know, I kept everything..memories and letters.. ^_^

September 22, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 19 (Something You Don’t Have Much Of)

As usual, let's check out Janine's first :)

-Accessories- :D 
I know, accessories will complete the outfit. But as you can see, I only have few. I almost wear the same accessories each day. I've bought so many earrings but some/almost were lost that's why I only have 4 pairs of earrings left. Yeah, poor me. The two rings are both friendship rings. And since I was young, I always wear a watch. That's the most important accessory to me. I feel bad whenever I forget to wear one. (same as when I forget to bring a handkerchief :D ).
Mine is very practical. hahaha! Bet all of you can relate to this..^_^

Whoa. Don't be deceived. This isn't mine. haha! It's from my wallet but it's not meant for me. It's for my school fees, like projects, medical requirements and blah blah blah..^_^

September 21, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 18 (Handwriting)

Today, Janine and I decided to share this challenge (just this once) with the rest of our friends :) I hope you don't mind..^_^ I know this is boring, so please, bear with me ^_^ 

Here we go!

A fan sign (with our very own hand writing of course)..^_^

Click Image to Enlarge ^_^

That's for our fan sign for Xan..^_^
following is for Esthel's Friend..Leah a.k.a Ley ^_^

This is for Gladys ^_^

Lastly to Hazelaine Suezo a.k.a Chingee ^_^ We miss you every second you're not here T_T


..whoa, why not include my niece's handwriting..?

Xin2x..writing for her Tita Janine ^_^

September 20, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 17 (A Picture Of Something You Want To Do Before You Die)

  • Travel the world 
  • do Parachuting/kydiving
  • sing and dance in front of crowd and be applauded, 
  • slap my crush or the guy I really like to notice me.. 
  • and will send a message/ letter in a bottle. That letter would be the story of my life, sparing no details. 

  • kiss a stranger
  • have a one night stand with a stranger (a safe one night stand)
  • Marry a stranger and runaway after..
  • if he follows me, I'll kick his face..jk! this kick if for someone I hate ^_^
  • travel around the world ^_^

September 19, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 16 (Something That Makes You Sad)

I'm still thinking what to post in, while doing that..

JANINE says..
Sad movies always make me sad because I really get close to the story and start to connect with the characters emotionally. I always think how I would handle the situation if the tables were turned. Of course, one’s death especially those I love and goodbyes really make me sad. I admit, I’m one of those who hate goodbyes. :(
As for mine, what makes me sad are actually same with Janine's-Movies. But of course, I don't wanna post the same photo with her's, that would be boring. So, I came up with this one..
-View From A Distance-
Yes. Doing nothing for someone I like makes me sad, moreover, seeing him happy with someone else is a torture. I'm not really sure if it gives justice to this challenge, but you're free to question it. ^_^ 
This is for the guy who hurt me the most T_T I'm coping pretty well, you know. ^_^ Though at times, hearing your favorite song makes me wanna throw away the radio! ^_^  but whatever..

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