September 19, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 16 (Something That Makes You Sad)

I'm still thinking what to post in, while doing that..

JANINE says..
Sad movies always make me sad because I really get close to the story and start to connect with the characters emotionally. I always think how I would handle the situation if the tables were turned. Of course, one’s death especially those I love and goodbyes really make me sad. I admit, I’m one of those who hate goodbyes. :(
As for mine, what makes me sad are actually same with Janine's-Movies. But of course, I don't wanna post the same photo with her's, that would be boring. So, I came up with this one..
-View From A Distance-
Yes. Doing nothing for someone I like makes me sad, moreover, seeing him happy with someone else is a torture. I'm not really sure if it gives justice to this challenge, but you're free to question it. ^_^ 
This is for the guy who hurt me the most T_T I'm coping pretty well, you know. ^_^ Though at times, hearing your favorite song makes me wanna throw away the radio! ^_^  but whatever..


  1. This thing i will say, will sound pretty gay. But old people that doesn't get visited by their family makes me sad, kids living on the streets make me sad, dogs living on the streets make me sad too.

  2. i'm man enough to admit that i shed a little tear during marley & me.

  3. "The first person who's on your mind the moment you open your eyes after a long sleep is the reason of either your happiness or your pain."

    - This One makes me sad : (

  4. someday someone's gonna take you place.

    sad :(

  5. Hachiko, The Green Mile, Stranger than Fiction are few of the movies that makes me sad but somehow uplifted

  6. Lol, I havent watched any of those movies.But when thinking about a really sad movie, "Life is beautiful" always comes to my mind first.

  7. Sad shows make me sad too, especially if the character I loved so much dies at the end of the show. I'll just feel bad for the rest of the week because of it.

    Also, there should be a ;_; reaction or something.


  8. Nawwww that makes me sad too, but I'm not coping with it -_-

  9. A walk to remember is one of the movie that makes me cry too.

  10. with regards to movies, "a walk to remember" really made me sad, even though i really liked watching it. there are other movies which made me cry - these, i only watch once, because i hate going to that sad state back again.

    with regards to you, you shouldn't think about that guy who hurt you anymore. you deserve better and just like the song says, you'll def find someone who truelly loves you.

    jos xx

  11. I hate sad movies too. Thanks for sharing. Forget about that guy though, nobody apart from yourself is worth worrying about in the long run. In my opinion at least.

  12. hahaha Reply on your question You haven't been a to Tuguegarao City? It's a noodle delicacy Google Batil Patong or put it on youtube. It's super good.

  13. i think disabled people make me sad.following you now.please follow back if you like my beauty and fashion blog. :)

  14. so sad bdw lets follow each other thanx


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