April 24, 2012


Today I'll be posting a letter to Janine. I actually gave her a card this afternoon but I screwed up with my message and my handwriting. It was an epic fail! I've wasted too much papers for the drafts and even wasted 1 cute and adorable card because I was struggling with my thoughts on what to write and how to start. Gosh! It was awful! I'm telling you! But I told her I will make it up to her :)
Since card could be boring after receiving two same cards from me, I decided to just blog my letter for her :)

here we go..


Dear Biatch!

Happy birthday again! (sumo kaau!) haha! 

God knows already how thankful I am to have a friend like you, though few people would say, "Mai, Janine is blessed to have you as a friend" but they're wrong. It was me who's the lucky one. Despite our differences, we're able to maintain our closeness and passed through whole college years without any conflicts at all, no misunderstanding, no silent mode treatments, no girl stuff fighting and such. Our differences actually brought us together (not tore us apart) and made us whole as friends. Others would say it wasn't normal for friends not to fight, or in a simplest form, friends who went through a lot of misunderstanding and conflicts has more better foundation than the other way around, which I think it's crazy, aye? like we care anyway? aye? HAHA.

For the past 4 years, you never changed. You've always been the same girl I met at the cashier's lobby-so quiet and shy. I remember I was making fun of you when Matet told me you're from Luzon and speak less of our vernacular language, I can clearly recall the exact phrase na hirit naku "So, tagalog palaka? Butiti alam mo!" HAHA! I don't remember you being amused with that phrase. lol. When I checked your schedule, hooray! we have one subject together "Microbiology". Even though we only get to see twice a week and had one class together, we still became close and more closer each day that passed. It's amazing, right?

This is the time when I get to say..

Remember that time? (blah blah blah)

Oh! I remember our first movie together. TWILIGHT! haha! It took me time to convinced you to watch it with me because you thought it was a horror film. Since then, movies has become one of our favorite past time and it's unstoppable and hardly miss any of the "must watch" movies. 

You became my shopping buddy and my travel buddy. ^_^
Our first city getaway was in Bukidnon with my sister, her boyfriend and Shin2x :) and then we went to Camiguin. ^_^

Remember if we don't have enough money, we'd always stay away from any department store (CRISSA and BNY in specific) to avoid spending it with clothes? HAHA!
When we ask other friends to come with us (during lunch) they always decline our invitation because they don't want to spend much like the way we do?  because you always chose Jollibee daw and they'd say, they can't afford your likes? Haha. Silly, aye? 

Then months and year passed we made some friends. We met Nico, Nikki, Chingee, Ching, Jyan and Yen. no more me and you but still we remain the same and then Mcdo became our tambayan ^_^

Gregg and Chan came along..

We've been to different places with Matet, Rhel, Grace, and Ailyn. We were with them during CEBU-BOHOL tour and SINULOG. ^_^

We went to Davao with Grace and together we invaded Manila and just late last year and early this year we went to BAGUIO and ILOCOS. Oh! I will miss everything about you for sure :)

We have countless memories together for four years. You've been such an amazing friend. You're always there for me to listen, to lend a hand, to eat with me, to shop with me, travel with me and spend some quality time with me. You're the nicest being I have ever met. You easily laugh at our corny jokes and scream with our horror stories. 
 In class, we're always partners in group projects and assignments. Remember every time there's a duo task? none of them would ask any of the two of us to be their partner because they would always have this thinking na "kita gyud always" HAHA!


Everytime I look back, I can't trace any sad/painful memories with you and I am happy because I started my life in Lourdes College with you and ended it with a blast with you and the rest of our friends :)

Thank you for simply being you. And I will say this over and over again..Thank you for loving and accepting me as who I am and who I am not :)

I really appreciate it :)

You are indeed! One in a million. I hope you had a great day yesterday! ^_^


Parang summary lang eh no? mm..parang a piece of a whole summary page lang. haha! yaan muna :)
I'm pretty sure you know already the things I wanted you to know. I think I said it all before na sa other letters naku. Just sometimes you have to know that you are special, smart and dapat confident na ka, now that you earn your degree na! Have a little faith in yourself :)

Thank you for everything and I'm looking forward for our next trip (with our own expense na this time)-BATANES, hopefully or abroad! yay! ^_^

note: I have so many things to tell but I just can't find the right words to say. HAHA! next time :)


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