July 19, 2012

Fair or Unfair, It's Life!

I used to believe that life is unfair. But I don't think I'm alone in this, am I ? 

I mentioned about my friend, a dear friend (who is seriously sick) I accompanied last Tuesday for his dialysis, right? For some reason, I tried to refrain complaining about me being jobless and been really thankful for everyday (every morning) I wake up healthy. 
many would say life is UNFAIR, but it's not. Know why? because life is..UNFAIR to you, UNFAIR to me, UNFAIR to everyone. Therefore, LIFE is FAIR.
 When he asked me how am I doing, absentmindedly my reply was sort of, "f*cked up! I'm jobless, frustrated and hopeless" I can go on..

but his reply really made me think, "atleast you're healthy Mai", I can sense his pain thru his message. It must have been hard for him.

Who am I to complain? There's this man who actually has a job, a wife and a life but recently was diagnosed of an unexpected sickness that is curable thru transplant only. I tried to pull myself together, gather my wits and put a smiley emoticon on my reply. I wanted to reassure him that everything will be okay, but of course, he knows better than me.  So much to my surprise, he seem to be doing fine when I saw him..-share to you some other time.

For now, I really just wanna be thankful I'm still alive, healthy and kicking. Live life to the fullest! I admit, I'm still upset with the fact that I'm still jobless, I still can't believe myself I'm still jobless. I've been trying so hard :( might not be obvious to you but I swear, I'm doing my very best, pushing my limits and even trying to get whatever it is that's on the table just because I needed a job so badly :(


Moreover, back to the book FIFTHY SHADES TRILOGY. I DID FINISH THE BOOK in less than a week :P I guess I am well aware (I just ignore it) that it wasn't the best book in the market (not even close) and it was definitely one of the most f*cked up book I ever read, guess Mark and Marcus would surely agree with me on this :), but it was very entertaining and funny, that's all I care :)

How's life for you dearies? :) I hope it's not as f*cked up as mine :) Happy thoughts. xx

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