April 04, 2012

Cliché Quote: I Hate Being Ignored!

Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.

I guess I was in high school when I first heard of this quote, or maybe not, perhaps, I heard it earlier than high school yet I didn't really understand a thing about what it meant until I was in high school or so or whatever. 

This quote isn't really my most favorite quote but I have this in mind for a long time now (well, one reason I just don't ignore suitors or people) and a part of me was shouting of injustice for a few weeks now. 



One thing I hate the most is being ignored. I mean, especially with someone whom you call a friend. Ignored in the sense that, he won't answer your calls, won't reply in your messages for no reason at all. It drives me crazy every time someone will do that. It bothers me, really. I mean, I'm really not the type of person who will just shut up for no valid reason (unless you will ask me nicely) and won't just let go of something that causes much trouble with my relationship with others easily. I always wanna know why things have to change between us, what causes the changed and why it has to happen?

So, the thing is, I hate ignoring my friends even if I'm not in the mood or whatever. I would always tell them, "not now" or usually, it can be written all over my face and I don't need to tell them. I also don't just ignore suitors, sometimes I would befriended them and make them feel that we can't be more than friends, or whatever again. 

I was ignored once with someone (years back), I mentioned about this in my previous post but I chose to put it on draft so no one can read it anymore since I wanna put it all behind. Part of that memory was my most desperate moment. I had my midterm exams and chose to skip it because I was preoccupied with stuff. I was glad I had Tess with me when it all happened. It somehow lessen the burden I was feeling because she was there to listen. She accompanied me to confront that someone but it didn't go well. I mean, I didn't confront the guy. I went to see him, I did see him though. He was somewhere near, in an internet shop-playing. What I did first was call (on the phone) him while I was looking at him from the outside. He just looked at his phone and continued playing, from that scene, I decided to drop everything behind. It was just too much to bear. We were having a good time catching up and just like a wind, he disappeared. 

But things were settled then.

I told myself I will never do that someone since I don't want anyone to feel what I felt before. I don't what that to happen to me that's why I never did it to anyone I know. It's simple as that. I was certain about that thought when I said that but suddenly..

I realized, things changed..

I just did it.."been ignoring someone for few days now"

Someone asked me to ignore him, and because that someone means so much to me, I can't say no.

I have my reasons though. I know it was for the best. I have no right to say it's for his best but it's the best for us, for all of us. He's getting too attached and for the eyes of many I became the bad person. I am confident I'm not. No details. HAHA! But something really made me decide to cut it off. No explanations needed. I just blew him off just like that. I know he must be wondering why, though, I also hope he'll get my point. And I know he will. It doesn't matter now if he'll hate me for what I did but I know one day he'll thank me for doing that. I just think that things will not be fix if I'm there for him to listen. He doesn't need a friend at this moment, he needs his behalf to sort things out and not a friend like me, definitely not me. He needs to realize that. And I hope he does..

I know we individuals have principles in life. We live by each principles. But let's not be a prisoner to that. Every thing change. Everyone one change. We changed. It's not a crime to change your principle as well. You should live with an open mind, with possibilities, with change. Life is a constant change.

Lols. I dunno why I came up with change. I don't even know if I blog it right either. I just hope you'll understand this post. haha. I kinda mess up right know and I don't know if I was able to deliver my thoughts the way everyone could understand. I HOPE I DID. If not, please complain. haha!

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