August 05, 2011


*Surprise Surprise*

Have you ever had that experience where in you forgot your friend's birthday because you were too busy dealing with a lot of stuff in school and you only knew it's her birthday when you check your fb and it appeared in the "upcoming events" section -(Birthdays: Honey Love Sabandal)?

ugh! it sucks right?

Well, we do. Last year we missed our friend's birthday. 

Can you imagine that? We felt terrible. That's why, after that, we promised to ourselves to really make up for her next year-that's today :)

Yeah, today is her birthday.

What we did was, we secretly made a video (slideshow) of her including some clips of our classmates greetings and presented it this morning before our class started. 

Check this out. A more than 8 minutes presentation. Hope I will not bore you with this video. ^___^

Also, we printed a tarp for her and place it outside our classroom. 

thanks to Dwizzt for the layout ^_^

That's all.
Thanks for checkin' out ^_^
I hope you had fun watching ^_^


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