October 01, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 28 (Something Purple)

When it comes to this color, got only one name in mind-Ms. T ^_^ 

Ms. T was our English teacher way back last year. She's a little complicated. She annoyed me. Yet, she fascinate me in a funny way. Fine! I find her funny. really! ^_^

Anyway, if I remembered it correctly, she would enter our class with all purple outfit..^_^ which I really find so funny because even her lipstick is colored-purple. really! (again) 
The truth is, I wanna sneak a shot on her around the campus and upload her pic online but that would make me feel villain. ^_^ So instead..

Check out Janine's first..

Janine says..
Gladys and Esthel's purple shoes. Actually, one of them saw the shoes first in the mal and both of them liked and immediately fell inlove with its color. None of them wanted to give way for the other so they decided to buy the same color of shoes. Cutie. :D

On the other hand, mine is a little bit different because I have a photo of us, me and Princess who's wearing purple blouse today and a cutie Christmas tree I noticed when I pass by at National bookstore :))

I say..
cute isn't it? hahahaha! gosh. I'm just kidding! ^_^By the way, with me is Princess. And on the side is the cutie purple Christmas tree that tells me "buy me please" haha!  

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