July 22, 2012

TOP 5 Favorite TV Show

Yo! I'm back with my challenge. Geez. It's been quite a while. lols.

Anyway, here's the list of my TOP 5 Favorite Tv Show..wonder if we'll have the same list in order, but whatever :) 5 actually is way too short for my fave, but, TOP aye? so, 
  1. 24 (all time) 
  2. Nikita
  3. Dexter 
  4. White Collar
  5. Mentalist
as for my anime list.
  1. Xmen (all time)
  2. Samurai X
  3. Ghost Fighter
  4. Death Note
  5. Hunter X Hunter
Comment me your list, let's see if we do have something/s in common :), 
they say, 
you are what you are watching ;-)
You think that's true? oh. wonder what kind of person I am then :)

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