September 17, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 14 (Somewhere You Went Today)

Click for our RETREAT here..Ü

I was with Janine today but I took lots of photos than her. haha! Oh! also, Rhams, Aiko, Princess, Dawn, and Esthel are with us but we parted ways just before I started taking pictures. ^_^

Today, Mai, Rhamzky, and I went to the City Health Office to renew our City Health Card which is one of our requirements in OJT. :)

RETREAT 2011 (Hotel and Restaurant Management 4th year Students)

To be unique does not mean to be perfect. It means no one can take your place =))

I've been thinking of sharing everything I've learned in our 3days and 2nights retreat but gosh, it will take a lot of words, phrases and paragraphs to do that, so, I'd rather not. 

The more I write, the more I get  the chance of committing mistakes. 

But a few details will do..I guess? ^_^ (click image to enlarge)

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