September 17, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 14 (Somewhere You Went Today)

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I was with Janine today but I took lots of photos than her. haha! Oh! also, Rhams, Aiko, Princess, Dawn, and Esthel are with us but we parted ways just before I started taking pictures. ^_^

Today, Mai, Rhamzky, and I went to the City Health Office to renew our City Health Card which is one of our requirements in OJT. :)
List of the places where we went today:
  • Maternity Hospital: to get our Xray result
  • City Health Office: to renew our white health card ID
  • Red Cross: to register and get an ID
  • Gaisano Mall: did a little shopping and eat
  • We (Janine) saw Matet (our friend)
  • On my way home 
Check out the rest of the photos:
In the images (UP): Janine was photocopying our results as requirements for our health card ID. 
-In the City Health Office: filled up a paper, paid the amount of Php 38 and then ID. 

after we went back to school for our International Cuisine class. On the way to school I took some pics..
This is outside the City Health Office and as you can see Janine was taking her photo of us (see the first pic above) and finally getting in to our ride to school, a tricycle or rela. And images on our way to school..tsk! 
such a lousy pic isn't it? lol. but at least, I managed to present something. haha!
hmm..TNT is a food establishment where you can dine at a very friendly price :)
Butcher's Best BBQ is one of our favorite place to dine in. The food is yummy and ugh! ^_^

After class, Janine and I with Rhams went to red cross to get our Red Cross ID. Then Rhams went back to school since he still have a Rizal class with Sir. Paragoso, as of me and Janine, we went to Gaisano Mall. Did some shopping and eat.

this is where we take our snack. I had "Takuyaki" and Janine ordered something at Dunkin Donuts. 

Later, I noticed a very familiar face eating a "takuyaki" alone. 

Our very good friend Matet..
I saw her alone and she seem so sad. As much as I don't wanna bother her, but I miss this girl. So, what I did to get her attention, I took a few shots of her and yet, deadma! so, I turn on the flash, really hoping to  get her attention this time but still! deadma! Until Janine approached her, few moments, finally! she noticed us. 
We talked for a while and went home. Matet is living just somewhere outside the mall, so she just walk away after we bade our goodbyes :) We then went separate ways. 

On the way home, I took these photos :)

No traffic eh? 

during the trip, the one beside me told me not to take photos because someone might snatch it from me. I felt a little worried for a while but that didn't stop me, I just smiled and told him I'll be careful :)
I even said it's for our class project. lol! 

Approaching my stop! 


Funny thing was..
while I was taking pictures, that guy in violet saw me and shout at me.."Ate! take a photo of me" so, I did. 
In a little while, he was running with 3 more guys chasing the jeepney I was in. Gracious! I panicked for a while, I thought they're some sort of "you know" but really, all they want was for me to take them some pics. and there you go! unfortunately, I have to get off already and didn't have much time take all of them a picture. ^_^ 
What really made my day was when they said "thanks ate! take care! with all those smiles-priceless =))


  1. may gawd! parang andami nyo nang napuntahan samantalang ako tanghaling tapat na tulod paden hahaha! ^_^

  2. great photos. Looks like you guys had a fun day!

  3. @Xan Gerna: nasa bahay lang ako pero ang dami ko ng napuntahan. hahaha! kc naman eh naka post na to, nka draft lang kc kala ko may exam kami today kaya nag post na ako in advance. nung Monday pa to eh :D

  4. @The Lunatic Pope: yeah, we did Tim ^_^

  5. whoooahh!
    i miss carmen market and buloa :-)

  6. omg, daming pictures! ang galing mo... baka gusto mong sumali sa astig na pa-contest ni goyo ng ^_^ sali ka ;)

  7. Nice selection of photos once again. Pleased you guys enjoyed yourself.

  8. You get a lot more done in a day than I do :)

  9. dont know what to comment on this post. But I just read the newest post on "A 1Tofu life" about how to give a comment. So ....
    Nice post. Followed +

  10. Yay! What a productive day! Sarap ng feeling pag ang dami mong nagawa sa isang araw, right?

  11. @Linux and Life: of you ever read this reply! kudos to you! hahaha!

  12. I love getting lost in those markets when i go to other countries. You get a good grasp of that place culture by doing it.

  13. I do always enjoy your photos! Keep it up mate

  14. What a creeper, taking pics of someone to get their attention haha.

  15. have you tried Batil patong yet? it's so good haha. and I know how to cook some!

  16. Wow! very detailed in photos!


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