September 17, 2011

RETREAT 2011 (Hotel and Restaurant Management 4th year Students)

To be unique does not mean to be perfect. It means no one can take your place =))

I've been thinking of sharing everything I've learned in our 3days and 2nights retreat but gosh, it will take a lot of words, phrases and paragraphs to do that, so, I'd rather not. 

The more I write, the more I get  the chance of committing mistakes. 

But a few details will do..I guess? ^_^ (click image to enlarge)

Yes. For 3days and 2nights we stayed in this retreat house name "Betania", one of the RVM's (Religious of the Virgin Mary) retreat house, lol. I don't know, they have that term that I can't remember :)
-photos taken upon leaving the place.

No picture taking on the first day. I can't let "chaperon" see that I brought a camera so I don't have to surrender it. But I took some pics (of myself) in our room out of boredom :D

From our window, we can see the other side of the place (seaside), but since the window is screened, I can't get a better picture of it. But it was really a good view especially at night. ^_^

there's our room: Sink, door, slippers and journal :)

pics were taken the very first day we arrived, first night in the room, second day and second night =))

  • Gladys (my roommate)

Ladies in the house =))
ME  =))


the cry baby T_T
she cried after watching  "IF ONLY" and woke up with  eye-bags to the highest level 
in this image, she was in pain.
Gladys tried to give her a massage :)
And finally! before going home =))

last day, lunch :))

After Lunch..

Outside the retreat house =))

RVM dog ^_^
I am never lost with my friends =))
On the way home..


  1. Looks like a nice place! :D

  2. All in all, it looks like you had a pretty good time. No winners today so nobody gets jealous hahahah

  3. @My 2 Pesos: yeah, it's a nice place but too quite ^_^ lol

  4. @Hasidic Plumber: this isn't the challenge yet =))
    I'll post the photo challenge later :)

  5. "IF ONLY"- one of the saddest movie i've ever seen. :(

  6. @Janine: if only you're there. hahaha! you'll laugh your ass out with Esthel's look. hahahah!

  7. Really beautiful place. I wish I could go there...

  8. Awesome post and photos. Glad you had so much fun, seems like such a beautiful, interesting place to go to, really.

  9. Wow that looks like a really nice place :) I did add you on facebook by the way lol, so if you get a friend request from some creepy guy it's probably me. Though the first name should be recognizable at least.

  10. 3 days and 2 nights? in that green-y and nice place? you guys are lucky! ours was just an overnight retreat and worst, the place was the worst retreat house. The only thing I liked about our retreat was our speaker. Kuripot kasi school Ask elaine (thestormblogger) she'll definitely agree with me. lol

  11. maganda siya.. pwede ba magtagalog hahaha!


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