August 28, 2011

Just Another Teen Xfiles (Around 12 Years Later)

Ola beautiful ladies and handsome men! Welcome to my page ^_^

Whoa. Too much for a warm welcome eh? hehe!

Yesterday, I read this blog from Matthew's Blog in titled Titles Are Tough and even posted a comment that goes like this "usually, I don't struggle with titles. hehe..Idk why? maybe because, I'm not too concerned whether or not my title is catchy or not at all. hehe! But I guess I'm wrong! nah. not guess. I'm very wrong. LOL!

Omg! what kind of an introduction was that?


As for tonight, I will share to you these 3 ladies way back in my high school life who really made my life interesting and lot more fun than I could ever imagined :)

Without further ado, let me give you a little something about these ladies I'm about to feature.

Ready? Alright!

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