September 27, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 24 (Something You Shouldn't Have Bought, But Did Anyways)


My school shoes.
Before I bought this, I already had the feeling that this might only hurt my feet. Hell yeah, this pair of school shoes is really painful. The reason why I only wore this twice and bought another one. I'm keeping this shoes for I might still use this sometimes. :D

Mai's favorite Shoes (no more)^_^

Wondering why this is my pick?
First, you might wanna check it out when did I use this one..This is the shoes I wore during our Acquaintance and Here..^_^
I chose this one because like in the title, I shouldn't have bought this in the first place. Why? Because I know that after that event (Acquaintance), I can never wear this again..(I don't like wearing shoes) hehe..But anyway, I fell in love with this shoes that very moment I laid my eyes on them..T_T, so despite of the hesitations and all. I bought it with eyes closed. LOL ^_^


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