October 04, 2011

FLORATHEGODDESS (Photo Challenge Overdue)

In this challenge (overdue), you will see how Janine and I really differs from each other. She's the total opposite of me in so many ways. But to be fair, instead of telling you some random things about me (which is my initial intention), I opted to do the same thing Janine did-to answer this "WHO AM I" thingy! ^_^ I learned this during our retreat..Ü 

My apology if later you will find this post really not that substantial. Let me know also if there's anything in particular you wanna know about me =)) I'll be happy to answer them as long as it's safe to answer. haha!
  • What's my name?
  • How do I look?
  • What I have?
  • What I do?
  • What people say about me?
  • What I like and dislikes?
  • Who I love?
  • Who love me?
Let's start with the outset -:)
What's My Name?
I rarely introduce myself in public. 


Because I don't like my name that much. But alas! I'm in this freaking challenge. So what else can I do? Poor me. Really. Really. Really. 
Whatever. I've said too much already but will surely end up telling you my name anyway. ^_^ 


It's Flora Mae. Gosh. I hate saying it. ^_^ The only consolation I can have with my name is it's history. My parents named me "FLORA" after the goddess of flowers and spring. And "MAE" in exchange of MAY. Over all, it means, the "flower of may", cute, isn't it? duh..Ü
How do I look..
See how I transformed from this..(looks familiar? I posted this around my first week in the blogsphere)

I think I was 4 in this photo.

Gosh. I look horribly cute, am I not?


That's okay. You can laugh to hell. If you dare. haha. 

To this.. (one thing for sure, didn't grow that much. haha)
I'm pretty sure you've seen this pic somewhere else, right? Probably in FB, Myspace or Google+..Ü I dunno. 
I smiled too much in every photo since I don't look good frowning. Trust me.You don't wanna see me other than that. ^_^
See other pics here :)
As you can see, in the photo, I'm petite but I'm good with it. It makes me young somehow. Although, at times, it becomes my inferior. Note-at times. That's a good thing, I believe. ^_^ 
 Me in my Uniforms..

I think this picture was taken 2009.

 Recent one :)) 

Front Office Uniform :))

Apparently, like Janine, there's something we have in common. We don't put make ups. I mean, we do, only if it's mandatory (e.i. OJT, party's, or like before, there's this one class that do not let us enter without make-ups on)..Ü
What I have..
I already have everything I need, despite not having everything I want. I grew up living a pretty simple life. No television, no computers, no cellphones or anything for leisure. But the fact that we never experience scarcity in terms of food, shelter and clothing is quite enough already. 
What I do.. 
(or you wanna know my daily routine too? haha)
I'm a student. Yeah, yeah. My friend "Sherry" told me I should be proud of it. Not all people can have that privileged. So, she said, I should feel lucky and not be ashamed even if I think that I'm too old to be in college. ^_^ 
What people say about me..
This is the easiest one. A lot of people don't find me cool (esp. to those people who knows nothing about me). They have this impression that I'm snob and aloof which is true at all times. Of course, I seldom talk to strangers. Cute strangers that caught my eye and attention is an exception. I don't smile too often and I'm really mean. They said I'm maldita, maarte and mataray. But for my friends, I'm all of those above, though, some good qualities are being highlighted. They said I'm cute, funny, smart, pretty (lol), friendly, talkative, demanding, impatient, careless, sweet and one hell of a bitch =))
those are just few of the many impressions of me by others. 
What I like and dislike.. 
I like watching movies and series . I like blogging. I like facebook. I like netsurfing. I like music. I like chocolates and cookies. I like travelling. I like shopping. I like eating. I like singing. I like dancing. I love boys. I like my friends. I like my family. above all, I like ME. ^_^
I dislike my haters..(haha..Go to hell) ^_^ I dislike studying. I dislike waking up early in the morning and do nothing. I dislike going to school early only to find out that our instructor is absent or late. I dislike school and a lot of things. I dislikes SNAKES, they creep me out. I dislike people who're too nice or too good to be true. Like duh? C'mon, there must be something wrong with you!
Who I love
I love everything I like =)) they make me happy. sad. cry. laugh. smile..they make me feel unwanted and love at the same time. they're the very reason why I still keep on going. they make me feel alive. they made me who I am today..Ü
I love my family ^_^ Papa, Mama, Big Bro, Sisters and my little niece..♥
My cousins",)
I love my friends..(I have different set of friends, and I love them all)
 High School friends :) 

Since I started College..(folks I met during my very first year in college, year 2002-when I took up Electronics and Communication Eng'g)

folks @ the Convent way back 2004",) also, with me "3rd pic on from the upper left" are my online friends. We met last summer @Mall of Asia Pasay, Manila :)
Another set of friends in college..
Who love me..
I don't know. Maybe my family? my friends? classmate? bloggers =))? suitors? xbfs? haters? Who knows? 
And this photo challenge is now officially close =)) 

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