July 14, 2011

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

Highway To Hell ^__^

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY`JÜST`4`FÜN*

This is my everyday life for like about 9years now; walk a minute or two towards the corner where I ride a jeepney to school and after I take off, I had to walk again (maybe the same distance from our house to where I ride a jeepney) to reach the gate of the school. But anyway, it's an everyday routine, so I'm used to it. ^_^
Let me walk you through my School then..^_^

road of my life
-on the right of the image is an apartment, a Chinese-Filipino business man who have a store somewhere near in the market. They also owned that two white cars. Often times, I can hear a sound of a piano and I saw a girl with a tutor I assumed because she's always at the back of the girl handling a stick, with all and blah blah blah..
I think there's a room also where they stocked they're goods for their store because twice or thrice a month there's a delivery car with all those goods and men carrying those items towards the house. Oh! one more thing, I think their workers stayed with them also. I don't know. lol
-at the end of this image is where I live :D 
that is near the river..every time it rains so hard, the river overflows and tada! disaster! <flood>
this is the end of that image above.  

this is a highway. I cross this everyday to get to the other side of the road
Across the street

See that car parked? just beside that is a store (sari-sari store), also owned by another Asian, I think they're Chinese also. You know what's my favorite in that store? their "SALAD". it's so yummy! it's actually my neighbor/friend's favorite too.Ü
A street and a Bridge 
This is a Public Utility Jeepney: Regular fare is Php7.50 and for students/Senior Citizens is Php 6.00
The street and the gate of our school and the guard ^_^
NO UNIFORM, NO ENTRY..weh?! pag kaila btaw ah!
My classmates inside the class room with Esthel on the spot-smiling (I think this is Mr. Paragoso's class) I'm not sure though. 

Now I'm done showing you around :D
Until next time ^_^ Ciao!

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